Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok so I don't go to church much any more by my own choice. I just don't feel like I fit in with the conventional churches. I do miss the musical worship sessions in church but I now have a good collection of worship music so I can pull those up and really get spiritual in my own way. I still study the Bible and related books. I do pray for and with others and keep in contact with people that are in my communities that are in need and assist them when I can.

A few people still come to me thinking I am a minister ( which I am not) seeking salvation and I do my best to minister to them in their spiritual needs. I don't go around preaching to every one but if they ask, I will spread the Lord's word on salvation. One thinks I have healing powers ( which I don't).

It was the lady I mentioned in an earlier blog who has a daughter that wears braces in order to walk. She dropped by my office one day a while back with her daughter to ask for prayer and to heal her daughter. Reluctantly I prayed for her but I assured her it would be God's work, not mine. I cannot heal others. Yesterday they walked by the office to show me the daughter can walk with out her braces now and Doctors don't know how it happened. Maybe God did heal this precious deserving little child after all.

What I have found in my dealings with people in these two communities I manage is they don't fit in at churches either. Most say they don't feel comfortable in a church or they don't have the money to spend on good clothes to go to church but they feel comfortable talking to me in spiritual matters on their turf. They claim I bring the church to them instead of bringing them to a church. I try to explain to them that a church is when ever two or more gather to worship God. It doesn't have to be an established church. I reminded them that Jesus frequently spoke in open fields and by the sea in gatherings and that was essentially a church in all respects even though it was not in a building. What was important is that when one gathers with others to hear the Lord's words. Then it becomes a church

We don't need extravagant multi million dollar buildings or scripted programs to hear God's word. Only a place to gather and sing praise to the Lord, hear his words, and let the Holy Spirit prevail. Perhaps doing that we might see more souls won over to the Lord and miracle happenings just like in biblical times. What money is gathered should be divided up and given to the needy and hungry. In these hard times, there are probably many that need help.

For some reason I find my self closer to God helping others and being where they are instead of in a church. This way I can be close by 7 days a week instead of only on Sundays. Most attending churches are already saved so to speak but a massive amount of others that never set foot in a church are missing out on God's salvation and love.

I don't attend church regularly, I think way out side of conventional thinking in Christianity, I show compassion to those less fortunate, I try to walk in their shoes, and I show love for them. Essentially, I am a maverick upsetting the apple cart.

Am I a mess or what?