Monday, January 17, 2011



If you have followed my prior post you will notice I seem to be wandering around in a proverbial desert trying to figure out where my direction in faith is leading me and actually where I fit in. So far I have experienced people seeking out God and Christ for answers, praying for a healing, and seeking salvation. I think if I would only listen more for His words, things might be a little easier but then again, that would be too easy for this sinful flesh.

I think we all make things too complicated in dealing with hearing God when all we have to do is listen for His words. Now that takes time and has a learning curve in it. There in lies the catch. It is a learning curve. First we must do as the father does. Love and show compassion for others. Be forgiving to those that have hurt you ( now that is a tough one for some) and carry not any grudges. No one is perfect ( well except for God and Jesus). A frequent dialog ( prayer) with God In Jesus name does help. At first it may only seem one sided but eventually you will learn to listen and actually hear God's voice speaking to you in a still silent voice.

Usually most will pray to God when they are faced with a major crisis but He also wants to hear from you when you are happy and things are doing great for you. Maybe just a "thank you God" for what you do have would be nice.

There has been a new resurgence of people coming back into the traditional conservative churches due to the uncertainties we now live in but the fact remains there are still millions of others seeking God for the first time. Many were turned off from past experiences and never returned feeling they did not fit in or are considered an outcast.

These are the people that God wants in our churches. Do we welcome them or do we judge them as not a good fit? It is not our place to judge who can experience God's grace. Only God Himself has that right. All we can do is accommodate them and welcome them with open arms in God's house. However, we must help them in their new found faith to grow stronger and prosper. It takes a lot of will power and struggles to get one into a church but it only takes a second to turn them away. What does your church do?

In my own struggles, I have become some what of a maverick and think out side of the box according to conventional thinking but am I really? I have embraced the Spiritual Gifts and healing but I don't think I possess any gifts. I show compassion and love for others but isn't that what God want us to do? I try to encourage others with God's words. Some have said I should start my own church and they would attend. I am not a pastor, nor am I a minister. If I did start a church, I want it to be God's church, not my church. Actually I feel a church is any where two or more gather to worship God. So now it is where ever I am led to minister to others. I don't think He has the idea of me starting a church in mind for me. Leading others to Christ is my commission. Nothing else shows up on the radar.