Thursday, May 28, 2009


He shall return with all the armies of God to battle the wicked and defeat them.

He shall judge us all for our good deeds and read our names from the book.

Those that perished in His name will be raised to glory and wear crowns of gold.

He will bring with him the new Jerusalem direct from heaven for all the saved.

Glory be unto the Lord the most high of kings. Glory and praise be unto God all mighty.

Glory, Glory to God our Father. Glory, Glory to Jesus our saviour.

There will be a new heaven and earth and we will worship Him in a city of eternal light.

The city is covered in many precious stones and gold. The Lord Gods light shines to all corners.

The lamb and the lion shall graze in peace. The water of life will flow freely from Him.

The tree of life shall bear many fruits and the leaves shall heal many nations.

Glory be unto the Lord the most high of Kings. Glory and praise be unto God all mighty.

Glory, Glory to God our Father. Glory, Glory to Jesus our Saviour.

And we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Ah Men

Monday, May 25, 2009



In a dream, I am suddenly awakened when my name is called out. I am standing in a cloud with a blinding light in front of me. I cannot make out what it is. I shake in fear for my life. From the light it calls out my name again. I cry out who are you? What do you want with me?

" Do not be afraid. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The First and the Last.I am your Lord". Sheer panic flows out of my body. I drop to my knees and beg for forgiveness for all of my sins over and over again.

"Your sins are forgiven as I died on the cross for yours and others but I have risen up from death to everlasting life. I will prepare a place for you in my Fathers house for all that believe in Him and Me. If it were not so, I would not say it".

I ask am I dead? " No your time has not yet come. I have come to you to answer all your many prayers and questions that you have in your faith in Me because I love you".

I would say this would be an earth shattering experience for any one to witness but it doesn't have to be. It would seem things would be a lot simpler if God or Jesus spoke to us directly in this manner. In a sense God and Jesus does speak to us every day we read the scriptures. He speaks to us in a still soft voice, he speaks to us in what happens in our daily lives, He speaks to us for ever to accept Him as our divine Father and pours out his love for us every day. In Jesus name He lays out our answers we have but do we listen? Are we too preoccupied in our worries and duties here on Earth to listen? Have we turned a deaf ear to the communication from God? Do we reject his scriptures as a myth? No wonder we don't hear or see his works.

All you have to do is pray to God in Jesus name and He will open up all His wisdom to your heart so that you will be saved. Such an easy task but so many fail to make the connection. It has to come from the heart in earnest and to make a commitment to worship Him as your God. God is a jealous God but merciful. He demands all your love and devotion. You cannot worship false gods, money, or material things and be a follower of Him. All the others is only sin and will prevent you from experiencing Gods grace and love but only his wrath and judgement.

Speaking of God as a myth. In the Bible there are almost 1000 prophesies that God and Jesus spoke of through out biblical times. 500 have already come true. One that came to mind recently was Israel would again become a nation of the Israelites. This happened in 1948. Jesus gave one that his church would grow, cover the whole world, and never be defeated by Satan. Today Christianity is again growing into new territories ( Africa, Post Communist countries, China, and South America). That cannot be considered a myth could it? Even today the prophecies of Revelations and others are quickly coming true. All it takes is to read the scriptures and they will reveal Gods prophesies as truth.

So is God speaking to us? In his own way I would say definitely so.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



What can I say? This is a lizard. but the eyes says it all. Always looking out for it's next meal and for danger of becoming some one Else's next meal.

This last Sunday I had an unexpected surprise at a church I had been attending. Unexpected would be an understatement. After the musical worship segment was completed, you could hear a lady speaking in tongues and crying out loudly near me. I had only heard tongues once before at a Nazarene church during a prayer meeting a few years back. Both instances were discerning for me but this one was different. Rather that exerting a run for the hills emotion, I felt only compassion for her sensing her to be terribly troubled. After a few moments she settled down and the pastor started his sermon after explaining this to the congregation. My conclusion was she may have been from a Holiness or Pentecostal church where this was a normal ritual and did not get the help she needed there. I was confident our prayer team would be able to assist her after the services.

I stayed after the services to see if the prayer team were able to pray with her which they did only to see her go back into tongues again in a rather lengthy diatribe and the language was not discernible. I do pray she was able to get help with her issues. I would be led to believe that in order to speak in tongues one would have to be struck by the Divine spirit and speak in a language that would be interpreted. Hers was only babel to my mind but probably that as all she knew how to speak.

Although I do not subscribe to speaking in tongues, I cannot fault one that does. The only problem I have is if one does it by self inflicted words ( not of the Holy Spirit intervention), one can be inviting dark and sinister motives into their souls with out realizing it. That is what bothers me about tongues. From what I have read, tongues is best done when another is able to interpret the words. Usually in Latin, Old Hebrew verbiage, or saying Hail Marys over and over.
Considering the trying times many are facing, I would imagine many more will be crying out for salvation and relief right in the middle of the service. This may have been just the tip of the ice berg for coming services in any "Body of Christ".

I can only hope that the pastor or congregation can react positively to this occurrence and will give the person the dignity they will deserve with their crisis. Some denominations may look upon this action with scourge and fail in their duties to tend to the one crying out to God for help in their only able way. I would think this may put them or the church in the wrong line come judgement day. Then again, this person may well have went there only to disrupt the worship as if were led by demons or other motives. We may never know if we don't do what the Lord wishes in serving others.

I am sure the Lord will provide us with many surprises and test before the Heavenly Kingdom arrives.

Monday, May 11, 2009



The Ballies cat normally found in the Himalayan mountains along the northern borders of India and Pakistan and parts of Russia is unique. They are the only cat species that has fur growing on their paw pads to keep that sensitive area warm due to the cold climate and higher altitudes which is their domain. Their size is about twice the size of an adult house cat but their ferocity certainly rivals that of a Leopard or a Lion. There is not any competitors in their domain so they can be considered at the top of their food chain but at the altitudes they roam, the food supply is quite scarce. These cats can be considered rare and not a cat that can be seen in a colony such as the Lions. They do lead a lonely life.

Do you lead a lonely life? Always searching for help? Are you seeking to become a part of something greater than life it self? I was too, and I found it with God.
It is said that one should write a testimonial about receiving God and Jesus into their life. I tried that but it took on a formation of a novel that I don't think every one wants to take the time to hear or read that much information considering my life span.
What I can say in a short summary is with out having contact with the Lord daily is my life is meaningless and lonely. Ok, I have my wife and my children that I love dearly to keep me occupied but the spiritual part was empty. That can be a large void hard to fill if you have been in that position. I have done this both ways over the years and believe me , I prefer to share with the Lord my life and all that it encompasses. It becomes more meaningful I think. I know it has led me to do things I would never have done otherwise such as worshiping , promoting fellowship with others, and serving in the Lords name.
Many years ago, I was selfish, self serving, thought only of my self, and cared nothing about other people or their feelings. I worked my way up the ladder of success in my occupation looking out for number 1 at the expense of others. I was quite successful financially. Actually I was a slave to money. No matter how much I made, it was not enough. No wonder I was so lonely spiritually.
A relationship with the Lord will change all that forever. It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen in time. I don't miss the powerful positions and the big bucks it brought in or the material possessions it bought. I found true happiness in faith in the Lord, I am considerate of others and try to help them, I now serve in a church and looking for other opportunities to serve, I worship the Lord in services and at home, I promote fellowship with others in the church and outside. and I am always looking for other ways to share my faith and help others.
Those many years back, that would not be me at all. No way could you have told me I would have those feelings about the Lord or others. Yep today, I am a Jesus freak and proud of it. Today I am receiving more wealth than I could have ever dreamed of by only trusting in the Lord and serving him. No you are not going to be a rich person monetarily by putting your faith in the Lord but you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams in other matters in the kingdom of the Lord.
All it takes is a simple prayer from your heart inviting God into your life, acknowledge you sins, begging for forgiveness, and let God lead the way for you. He is waiting patiently and He loves you just as you are. The invitation has been there for years waiting for your call. Is is so simple to do.
Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today as a sinner as is all ones of the flesh. I beg you to forgive me for my sins. Please help me to better know you and worship you as my Divine Father and Jesus as my saviour. Help me to become what you desire so that I may serve you and give thanks. In Jesus name, A men.