Monday, May 11, 2009



The Ballies cat normally found in the Himalayan mountains along the northern borders of India and Pakistan and parts of Russia is unique. They are the only cat species that has fur growing on their paw pads to keep that sensitive area warm due to the cold climate and higher altitudes which is their domain. Their size is about twice the size of an adult house cat but their ferocity certainly rivals that of a Leopard or a Lion. There is not any competitors in their domain so they can be considered at the top of their food chain but at the altitudes they roam, the food supply is quite scarce. These cats can be considered rare and not a cat that can be seen in a colony such as the Lions. They do lead a lonely life.

Do you lead a lonely life? Always searching for help? Are you seeking to become a part of something greater than life it self? I was too, and I found it with God.
It is said that one should write a testimonial about receiving God and Jesus into their life. I tried that but it took on a formation of a novel that I don't think every one wants to take the time to hear or read that much information considering my life span.
What I can say in a short summary is with out having contact with the Lord daily is my life is meaningless and lonely. Ok, I have my wife and my children that I love dearly to keep me occupied but the spiritual part was empty. That can be a large void hard to fill if you have been in that position. I have done this both ways over the years and believe me , I prefer to share with the Lord my life and all that it encompasses. It becomes more meaningful I think. I know it has led me to do things I would never have done otherwise such as worshiping , promoting fellowship with others, and serving in the Lords name.
Many years ago, I was selfish, self serving, thought only of my self, and cared nothing about other people or their feelings. I worked my way up the ladder of success in my occupation looking out for number 1 at the expense of others. I was quite successful financially. Actually I was a slave to money. No matter how much I made, it was not enough. No wonder I was so lonely spiritually.
A relationship with the Lord will change all that forever. It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen in time. I don't miss the powerful positions and the big bucks it brought in or the material possessions it bought. I found true happiness in faith in the Lord, I am considerate of others and try to help them, I now serve in a church and looking for other opportunities to serve, I worship the Lord in services and at home, I promote fellowship with others in the church and outside. and I am always looking for other ways to share my faith and help others.
Those many years back, that would not be me at all. No way could you have told me I would have those feelings about the Lord or others. Yep today, I am a Jesus freak and proud of it. Today I am receiving more wealth than I could have ever dreamed of by only trusting in the Lord and serving him. No you are not going to be a rich person monetarily by putting your faith in the Lord but you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams in other matters in the kingdom of the Lord.
All it takes is a simple prayer from your heart inviting God into your life, acknowledge you sins, begging for forgiveness, and let God lead the way for you. He is waiting patiently and He loves you just as you are. The invitation has been there for years waiting for your call. Is is so simple to do.
Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today as a sinner as is all ones of the flesh. I beg you to forgive me for my sins. Please help me to better know you and worship you as my Divine Father and Jesus as my saviour. Help me to become what you desire so that I may serve you and give thanks. In Jesus name, A men.


dsjohndrow said...

I'd like to have ferocious faith! Good heartfelt post.

photogr said...

Thanks David: The Lord can turn you into a Lion filled with faith and spreading the "Good News". He certainly changed me.