Thursday, December 23, 2010


Here I sit on the day before Christmas Eve playing some of my favorite songs for this time of the year. The one theme of most of the songs is the joyful praise of the birth of Christ. How fitting for this time of the year amidst the rush and stress of making sure all have the perfect gift for the holiday before closing time on Christmas Eve. Being in retailing over the years before I retired, I usually did all my shopping at a leisurely pace and had all the shopping done way ahead of time. Sadly, that is not the case any more. Yep, I am now one of the many stressed out shoppers racing around the store like a zombie 5 minutes before closing to get the last gift for some one special. You would think I would know better after all these years but that is not the case.

I guess I should post some thing prophetic, devout, or religious but I am not a prophet, and I don't think I fit the devout model, nor am I religious as most may profess. I may better qualify as a messy believer with off the wall ideas about true faith and God. What I do love is the words spoken by Jesus in the bible. Every time I read them, I feel a closer relationship with Jesus and pray for understanding. It is as if the words were written for this messy sinner to follow exclusively. As matter of fact, those word were written for "all" to follow in order to to be saved.

The stories of Jesus and His miracles by His disciples is riveting causing me to sometimes wish I could some way go back in time to witness first hand His words and feel His healing touch. However, we all know that is impossible or is it? Here is the case where we all must have faith and believe what is written in a book that has endured time as the truth and our guide to salvation in a world clouded with darkness and doubt.

As it is written in Paul's letters to the founding Christian churches, we must openly follow his teachings about the Spiritual Gifts, miracle healing, and the super natural even though many denominations of the faith do not subscribe to such this day and time. When I am open to these teachings, I feel I am closer to God and His will. I just have to cast aside my doubts and openly accept what He wishes as a follower of the faith. I have to let Him lead me, not me lead my self.

God gave us part of Himself in His Son's birth that fateful day two thousand years ago. What could be a more precious and priceless a gift than the birth of Jesus the Messiah and Saviour in the flesh. His birth changed the world and gave hope in a time when despair was rampant then and today. What He promised was salvation and hope for an eternal life in God's kingdom after the death of the sinful flesh if only we would believe, love others, and turn away from sin.

For that I am grateful for a gift that keeps on giving for eternity. In return, I am singing praise and glorifying Jesus for all that He has done for us all on His birthday.


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Christmas has always been a time of festivities in my family with decorations, buying gifts for each other to the extreme, more food than we could eat in one day, and rejoicing in the birth of Jesus. It is a time of the year that I wished could last every day of the year. Even when the winter cold and snow is so harsh out side, there is a glowing warmth on the inside when we are together.

Sadly, not all with have the same festivities as we are blessed to be able to enjoy which saddens me to the point of feeling guilty for what we do have. With the current economic condition this nation is now under, many will be on the outside looking in at the proverbial festivities of the fortunate ones not affected yet by the down turn of the economy. Some are losing their homes and jobs with no promise of future employment or the ability to at least have a place to stay. Many have their utilities turned off for lack of the ability to pay and live with out heat of food. Most are too proud to accept welfare or food stamps or fail to qualify due to their prior income status.

Yes we do have a new class of destitute and homeless or near homeless people in our ranks that fall through the cracks as far as the government agencies helping them in their times of hardships. You would think the churches would step in and offer help to this new class of destitute people but it may not be the case sometimes.

Here is an opportunity that most Christians can truly show their love for their fellow neighbors in need. It doesn't take much to be able to once in a while take them to the grocery store to buy essential foods for their family needs. Donate time to watch their kids while they seek employment. Help them by doing their laundry since their power is turned off . Make a list of their children for Christmas gifts and deliver it secretly on Christmas eve. Might even add a few gifts for mom and dad too.

We have a lot of wooded areas around us and we cut up fallen trees and give to the families that have fire places to keep warm where the utilities are shut off. Invite them over for dinner occasionally for a warm meal. There are thousands of ways to help out the ones that are suffering in this festive time of the year. The most important item is we give them the gift of love during their time of need and let them know they are not alone.

As I once read, " It is better to give than receive". What better gift is there than showing your love for others in Jesus' name and giving when they are in need? These acts of kindness and love does not go un noticed in God's eyes. I would have to think we are following what God wishes for us to do. Perhaps maybe we overlook the less fortunate in this time strapped season of Christmas for obvious personal reasons.

Be thankful for what we do have, pray, and help those less fortunate.

I pray that all have a Merry Christmas and rejoice in our Saviour's birth.