Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yep it is time to bid all farewell on this blog project. To be honest, I am running out of things to say. So much of my time is going to maintaining sanity in this small community that I live in, I can't keep up with maintaining a blog site too; and reaching out to others across the world. Now this doesn't mean that I will not drop by other's blogs and share my off the wall and out of the box thoughts from time to time but more time must be spent in fellowship in person to others close by.

I think this is where the Lord is leading me or it might be my own thoughts. Been hard to get clear receptions lately but through the static, this is the message I am getting.

Thanks to all that have commented on my articles and I do hope it was helpful in a way


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Sunday, June 20, 2010


As I am reflecting on Father's day, I think of my Holy Father and what testimony I have about Him. To be honest, I have not always been the best Christian model for others and He knows that. But yet His love for me and others is never ending. He is always there to lead and guide us through bleak times and good times. Giving encouragement when we please Him and corrections when we wander astray. Offering opportunities to make a difference in some one's life and listening to our prayers. Yes He is a good Father.

This article By O.Hillman came to mind as something we should be doing in honoring our Holy Father.

"I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony." - John 3:11

Over the last several years I have seen two distinct types of Christian workplace believers. One type enthusiastically teaches their Bible knowledge to others. These people, though they may be genuine in their motive, lack one essential ingredient to being effectively used by God - a testimony. The second type of people I have encountered has a genuine testimony of what God is doing and continues to do in their lives. This was the case in the early Church. Men and women were able to give powerful testimony of events and experiences that could only be explained as a work of God.

God desires to build a testimony in each of us. Each of us is one of God's chosen vessels to reflect His power in and through us. When others see this power reflected, they are impacted because they cannot explain that power. God desires to frame your life with experiences designed to reflect the character and nature of Christ. Sometimes these events can be very devastating, but they are designed to reveal His power in and through us.

Every one of us has a testimony. What would others say your testimony is today? Can others see God's work in your life? Is your testimony one of Bible knowledge only? Are things happening in your life that can only be explained as God? These can be problematic questions for each of us. Ask God to build a testimony of His life in and through you today.

By O.S. Hillman

Monday, June 7, 2010


I just don't get it. Here I live in a community where I run a mobile home park with 95 families. The members of this community come to me when they are hurting or looking for help with illness, stress, or financial help. I set up places they can go for help when in need, I provide food and toys for children and families at Christmas time, and during the year. I pray for those that have health issues, I pray for those that ask for prayers. I strive to provide a safe place to live and volunteer to help out those too financially strapped or ill to repair their homes. Others have also volunteered to take up the slack that are aware of my faith and my mission.

Some have accepted Christ as their saviour. Others call me a miracle worker. but I am far from that. I am just a simple person sharing my love for others in need. A few are well off in this community and chip in when I alert them that there is a crisis. A couple have suggested I become a pastor and start a church in the community but I am not gifted in that respect and the Lord has not led me to do that yet. Some come by my office just to talk and let me know how much my prayers or what I do for them meant. Wouldn't any one do this if they knew there was a need?

What I don't get is when I attend a particular church, I see no love or fellowship except in the click groups. I am an outsider for the last year and a half in this church. I do all the right things and join in on volunteer activity, study groups, and classes. Yet still I am an outsider and ignored most of the time. There seems not to be an interest in developing fellowship with others out side their established groups. I shower before attending church and like David I use after shave lotion after I shave. Still I am an outsider. Perhaps I should stop wearing a gorilla suit to church. As a matter of fact, I gave up on fitting in with this church as my own community of families have so many needs that take up much of my time

Perhaps there is where my church is and I don't know it yet. Perhaps I have planted seeds and don't realize it. Perhaps this is where the Lord has led me in service to others but I don't pick up on it yet. I just don't get it yet. Perhaps the Lord needs to get my attention in a bold way. Then I would get it.