Tuesday, January 26, 2010


APATHY: Lack of interest or desire for activity, indifference, lack of feeling. See indifference, ( lack of importance).

Now add Christian to the front of apathy and you just described the typical Christian today. It is really surprising that there are over 50 million so called card carrying Christians in America and numerous different denominations on top of that. You would think that would be a powerful group with plenty of political clout, power, and organization dedicated to preserving the Christians rights in America. You would think should a small group dedicated to taking away certain rights of Christians by judicial means, the Christian movement would be organizing and launching a counter attack against those that want to strip us of our rights. It never seems to have happened.

I was a student in high school in 1961when prayers in the schools were banned thanks to government legislation and one person ( O'Hara) and her organization forcing our government to pass legislation banning prayers in schools. I did not hear a whimper out of the organized Christian denominations trying to fight this issue. It was said to be offensive to some. What ever happened to the separation of Church and State law that our forefathers included when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the bill of rights? As so many of the secular Humanist and liberals like to quote wrongly, separation of state and the church meant that the state or government cannot dictate what religion you must practice.It gave you the freedom to choose your faith with out persecution. Funny how those groups love to abuse that phrase and make it mean something else.

Over the years we lost more rights to practice our faith because it was offensive to some. Colleges refuse to allow prayer groups or gatherings on campus for religious ( Christians in particular) activity or teaching divine creation, but it has no barriers for preaching humanist views or theology. Many professors have the right to spew their venom freely although the humanist movement is considered a secular religion tax wise. You know what? Not a whimper from Christian organizations got together to battle what a few considered was offensive.

Now comes the Ten Commandments banned in public places and courts. A few felt felt it was offensive. I always though it was a good moral rule to follow whether you were a Christian or not. What do I know? Considering our out of control crime rate America is suffering, it should have stayed in place. Not a whimper was heard from the Christian organizations trying to fight this legislative law.

In 2009 in a small town in Pace Florida, the ACLU sued Pace High School athletic coach for leading prayer at a banquet off school grounds. One person thought it was offensive and complained. At the tax payers expense, the ACLU freely went to court to sue the school administrators and the coach. As an act of defiance the entire graduating class of 2009 during their graduation ceremony stood up and said the Lords prayer to show their support against the suit which was later dropped by the ACLU. One question I have to ask is why one person has so much clout over the majority?

As far as offensive I don't understand why Porn sites have freedom to peddle their smut freely to adults and children as part of the freedom of speech and business. Isn't that offensive too? My bad. The ACLU freely uses our taxpayers money to insure they can stay in business and that is OK?.

Still I do not see any activity by a Christian movement to control these offensive activities out side of religion. I asked why is that? It is my view that you can't get two denominations or congregations to unite and form a coalition to battle what is offensive to Christians. As a matter of fact, they can't even agree on the doctrine of the bible or how we should worship. No wonder non believers look on Christians as being disorganized and a joke. Then you have Christians that take the attitude "it is not up to me". Well if you are in the Body of Christ, you better wake up before you are worshiping hidden from view and persecution. It is coming if we don't take a stand and say enough is enough. We want God back in America and the right to pray in public and our schools.

That can only happen if all Christians stand together and organized with out any denomination boundaries and theologies. We also need to be heavily involved in the politics of today so that we make the right decisions in electing candidates that share our beliefs and not have it taken away from us. It is good we send water wells to third world countries and cater to the housing project persons who only have federal assistance to survive here but we need to reach out of our comfort zones and take a hard look at our selves to see if we are the apathetic Christians we should not be.

I firmly believe God wants us to do battle for Him and insure that He is not banned from our lives. Granted we all believe He will take us up into heaven at the end times but I would think He would want us to fight to keep Him in our lives and the world while we are still on earth and not be apathetic about what is happening around us here now. In other words we should not be standing around and waiting for the rapture to happen thinking we have first class tickets to heaven. Surprisingly many of us will not get the opportunity if we don't change our thought process and remain apathetic. I believe many of you are better versed in the bible than I so you will understand my implications as it relates to the bible.

If you have followed my other articles about fellowship and caring for others, you will understand my displeasure as to what happens with in the church with fellow Christians or others seeking God's grace. Also David Johndrow at Fire and Grace puts a hefty spin on this issue too. God so dearly loves us but I think we as a whole really disappoint Him in some ways.

What are you? An apathetic Christian or a passionate Christian and willing to do battle against the forces intent on taking God out of our lives.

Sunday, January 17, 2010








This time I am going to be judgmental and critical. Ok, I know it is a sin but it is just my own thoughts about things. I know I should not judge others and criticize the church but I am an outcast with too many non conforming and thinking out side the box thoughts any way so why not?

Today at church we were passed out a brochure announcing the spring season class schedules for those Christians that might want to partake of the classes. Not a bad idea and many of the classes are good. The classes cover everything from financial issues to learning Greek as it applies to the scriptures. There is classes for learning how to pray for those in the healing ministries, prayer groups, and parenting classes. Also listed are leadership classes for ones that desire to be leaders in the volunteer groups. One class is an introduction the the church doctrine for new members. They also have a class for Christians that want to be share holders ( tithing the 10 % rule). I am not knocking these classes. Let me make that perfectly clear folks. All these classes have a justifiable merit for the new and seasoned members of this church. It gives them knowledge and ways to better serve the church. Not necessarily serving the ones seeking God.

In one class I once signed up for (Alpha), it started out with a sizable crowd seeking God. After the third week of a nine week class, the attendance was down 50% approximately and never went back up. This led me to believe perhaps the message being sought was not available or it did not contain the answers those that dropped out were seeking . Had they remained, perhaps they too could have found the answers they were seeking when the better speakers appeared.

What disturbs me most is I don't see classes on how to reach out to ones in the community that are not Christians or in an emotional state of their lives looking for God or salvation. It over looks the ones that are a bit different or doesn't dress that well and as dear friend David Johndrow of "Fire and Grace" says "the congregation ignores them at church". These are the one that need our help but do they get it? We cant' set up healing ministries in a building and sit at the door waiting for some one to come in and ask for help. Many are too proud even though deserving to do that.

The church professes being out ward focused and that is great to reach out in the community to help many. Most churches usually pick an area to focus on such as a housing project or distressed area in the community and I think that is commendable. Thinking about these areas though, one realizes most are on financial aid from the government, welfare, SSI,allowed HUD, free medical aid, food stamps, and wick along with utility assistance from a few agencies. This is good. I am glad some one is helping those people out. We should have an outward focused ministry but are the ones really seeking help falling through the cracks? We can give till we are blue in the face at the center but does it turn them to the Lord? Are we training the volunteers to have the capacity to win their souls to Christ by keeping in contact and following through should the ones in need want someone to talk to? That is the million dollar question.

I recently had an experience at an IHOP eatery. The cashier was new and nervous. She was hurrying around trying to serve all the guest in her section. Even the 3 rude and demanding ones with out a justifiable cause. They made her life hell that night complaining and running her back and fourth even though she showed the most courteous manner serving them.. My wife overheard her talking to one of the other servers crying and saying how much she need the job to support her new born child on what she made there. Our heart went out to her.

We saw when the rude customers left that they didn't leave a tip after putting her through hell. It was then that the wife and I would take care of their missing tip. Even through her ordeal she was always pleasant to us making sure we were taken care of.

We left a sizable tip ( more than what our meal cost) and my card saying God loves you and my web site address if she wanted more information. As we left she came up to us and said "Thank you. The message meant more to her than we would ever know." I received another follower for God desiring to hear the word of God from that experience.

This is an example that you don't hear much about in classes and it should be part of being a Christian reaching out to others. You will never know when the Lord will use you to bring others into His grace. Are you prepared to witness for God with the classes you take? Will you take the time to spread Gods word with the next stranger you meet that looks desolate and hurting? Are you willing to serve others seeking God's grace?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One evening an old man was sitting on the beach watching the waves come in and noticed a young boy tossing sand dollars and starfish back into the waves that washed up on the shore. The old man was amused but felt the young boy was wasting his time. After a while he went up to the boy and said "why waste your time doing that? There are so many that wash up on the shore, you can't save them all." The boy didn't respond and continued his task. The old man repeated his statement again. The young boy continued but then the young boy stopped and said "it makes a difference to this one."

What faith the young boy had thinking he could save those crustaceans or what ever they are called. Do we have that same faith in saving a life no matter how insignificant it may be? Would we take the time if we felt it would make a difference? How many lives have you saved for Jesus using this young boy's principal? All it takes is one person to take the time to reveal God's plan to another that is lost in order to save them. Could you make a difference? You will never know until you take that first step just like this young boy did.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


PROUD PEOPLE focus on others failures . BROKEN PEOPLE are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual needs.

PROUD PEOPLE have a critical fault finding spirit towards others. BROKEN PEOPLE are compassionate and forgive much because they know how much they have been forgiven.

PROUD PEOPLE are self righteous and look down on others. BROKEN PEOPLE esteem all others above themselves.

PROUD PEOPLE have an independent, self sufficient spirit. BROKEN PEOPLE have a dependent spirit and recognize their need for others.

PROUD PEOPLE have to prove they are right. BROKEN PEOPLE are willing to yield the right to be right.

PROUD PEOPLE claim rights and have a demanding spirit. BROKEN PEOPLE yield their rights and have a meek spirit.

PROUD PEOPLE desire to be served. BROKEN PEOPLE are motivated to serve others.

PROUD PEOPLE feel confident in how much they know. BROKEN PEOPLE are humbled by how very much they have to learn.

PROUD PEOPLE have a subconscious feeling, " This ministry/church is privileged to have me and my gifts." think of what my gifts can do for God. BROKEN PEOPLE have a heart attitude that says, " I don't deserve to have a part in any ministry." knowing that they have nothing to offer God except the life of Jesus flowing through their broken lives.

PROUD PEOPLE desire self advancement. BROKEN PEOPLE desire to promote others.

Which group do you fall in? Which group is better in service to the Lord? Which group do you think will have the Lord's blessings?

Now this can also be said about the churches too if you think about it. I have a friend that is deeply faithful to the Lord. He is well versed in scriptures. He attends Church. He has went on missions in foreign countries but yet he feels like an outsider in churches that he has attended. No one calls to have a chat over a cup of coffee. This friend has went to classes, volunteered, joined bible study groups, and reached out to others. But yet, no one has made any attempts to get connected or return the favors.

I have another friend with serious health issues and can't always attend church services some times. This friend has been on prayer groups and made suggestions to ministers to make connections to the ones with health issues but her suggestions fell on deaf ears. This friend never gets any calls to find out how she is doing and she has been a regular in this church for years.

I too have experienced these same issues in the church I attend now. The first month I attended this church I volunteered to be a greeter. No one in the group was overly friendly so I went about introducing my self to every one only to hear later one of the greeters saying "Who is that guy going around saying Hi. I am Mickey Mouse to every one?" The group got a laugh out of that so I stopped being a greeter and introducing my self. Going to bible studies and attending classes really didn't help either. Every one was still a bit standoffish except two people. This church is a mega church so that might have some bearing but one being rather new and not in the click groups will find it hard to make connections.

Never the less, I still reach out to be involved in some way but the opportunities are far and few and the promise to get in touch is non existent. So this brings up the question, am I being judged by what I wear, where I live, and what I drive or is it I have shown too much passion in wanting to serve God and it intimidates them or threatens their lofty positions in the church? I don't think it is any of the afore mentioned but more of an age issue. I am not the youngest kid on the block any more. Most people my age and retired are just content to sit in church every Sunday and go home after the celebration and wait till next Sunday for another celebration.

I don't think God has that in mind for me. He wants me to serve Him and win souls to Christ, not be passive and a member of a click group.


I found this piece on "Prime Time with God" to be an inspiration. I wanted to share it with you so that it may also inspire you as it did me.

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven (Ps 107:29-30).

Imagine for a moment you began an exciting sailing adventure. You've been trained to navigate and sail on the ocean and be ready should trouble arise. You are confident you can handle the challenge. However, midway in the journey your resources have dried up. It almost seems God has intentionally destroyed all the skills you have to deal with the weather and the obstacles and your sails are now damaged. Even your engine has broken down. And to make matters even worse, your oars were lost overboard.

You are stuck in the middle of the ocean and there is no wind to propel your boat. You are, as they say, "up the creek without a paddle."
All of this leads you to the end of yourself and you say, "Lord, I don't know why you brought me out here only to die." The silence is deafening.

Finally, the Lord speaks, "Yes, you are right. I did bring you out here. I did destroy your sails. I did break your engine. And yes, I do want you dead. Not in a physical sense, mind you, but in a spiritual sense. In order that you may LIVE."

"You see my child, you are nothing without Me. You cannot do anything without my grace and power in your life." The sailor quietly yields. Suddenly, a gentle wave lifts the front of the boat. An easterly wind blows through the broken sail moving the boat in the right direction. You realize God is moving your boat! Your role now is to steer it.

Do your sails no longer have wind to move you? Is your engine broken? Does it feel like God has propelled you into the open sea only to stop midway with no options? Perhaps He is saying it is time to die in order that He might live through you. Give the Lord total control today and you will see His wind moving through your tattered sails.

This article certainly encourages us to put our faith and trust in His powers in difficult times in our lives. He is the divine source that leads us, guides us, and calms the seas in our journeys through out our life. Are you willing to let your old self die in order for God to give you an abundant life in His grace and smoother sailing in the seas of turmoil? With His grace and love, you can overcome all that is put before you by only believing and trusting in Him. The choice is yours.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Many denominations today insist that these occurrences only happened during the biblical times and do not exist today or do they?

I know of two instances that recently happened that the medical doctors cannot explain. In the last two weeks I have read and heard on TV news about a pregnant lady getting an epidural to begin the birthing of her unborn child had died and so did the child. Efforts to revive both had failed. Both had no vital signs, and the bodies had already turned the deathly color due to no circulation. The Doctors had allowed the father to hold the child for a moment before being taken to the morgue. In an unexplained mystery after several minutes, both came back to life after being clinically dead.

Another instance in the same time frame a man was admitted to a hospital feeling sick and died. He was dead for 47 minutes. No pulse, no breathing, or any vital signs The doctor attending him felt compelled to continue working on him to bring him back to life. Usually after 10 to 15 minutes a person that dies has no chance of being revived as I have been told but this doctor was led not to give up. After 47 minutes, he was brought back to life with no apparent signs of any issues related to such a long time with out oxygen or blood circulation.

At a press interview, the man stated he thanked God for allowing him to live. The Doctor nodded in approval. The man did state of an experience in the after life but refused to elaborate on it as being personal. Was this divine super natural intervention? What else could it have been?

As we all know from the scriptures, there are several instances of Jesus and his disciples hearing from God, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, and giving sight to the blind but did it stop in biblical times? Perhaps not.

In order to offer credibility to what I am about to write, I am going to use my own personal experiences and material from 3 of Jack Deer's books on the matter. Jack Deer is was a professor of the Dallas Theological seminary, pastor of several Churches, and author of best selling books in faith. He wasn't one to openly embrace the super natural powers, gifts, tongues, healing, or prophesy at first but that ideology changes with first hand experience over a period of time.

Smith Wiggelsworth ( 1859 to 1947) comes to mind as a start claiming he had actually brought back to life a lady who was considered to be dead. He also had healing powers and the gifts of tongues and interpretations as well as being filled with the Holy Spirit. Although a layman, he had written a few books on his experience and preached of faith supported by the love of God and his fellow persons. It is applicable to also consider he had the gift of prophesy too based on his writings.

Jack Deer tells of an incident where he and two others members of his church prayed for a lady that had an aneurysm as diagnosed by angiogram test and her Doctor. She was to have another test done the next day. The next day she went for another angiogram and the aneurysm had disappeared. Her doctor told her that aneurysms do not disappear but have to be surgically corrected. His only explanation was she was healed by a miracle. And that miracle was divine.

In another incident in 1986 Jack Deer had went to hear John Wimber ( Vineyard founder)at a curch in Texas. Wimber had called up a lady with severe back pain that had just been to a Doctor. He even called out her name and gave specifics. Jack being the skeptic he was had many questions for John Wimber after the services that night only to find out that was the norm for Wimber being able to pick out ones in the gathering that needed healing as led by the Holy Spirit.

Jack Deer speaks of another man named Paul Cain who he met in 1988. Paul Cain played a major role in the late 40's and early 50's healing revival of that time. He left the movement in 1958 disgusted with the corruption and abuses in the movement that seemed to take hold. Jack Deer attends a meeting with Paul Cain. From the audience he ask for diabetics to stand and he prayed for them. He looked at a lady and told her she was not diabetic but had low blood sugar. He goes on to tell her she has serious allergies. He mentions the lady had a weak valve in her heart and a growth on her pancreas. He went on to say the Lord heals those conditions. Further visits with her Doctors revealed of all that was wrong was healed. The Doctor had no explanation except that it was a miracle.

Now these miracle healings were done in the 20th century. Not 2,000 years ago. I could continue but I think you are getting the drift. It seems the Holy spirit is alive and well in the 20th century and doing miracles for those that will only believe. How was he getting this information about these people? Through prayer and the intervention of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Through Paul Cain's prayers to the Lord these people were healed. You might say he has prophetic and healing gifts.

Spiritual gifts has been covered before in earlier articles but it remains one of the vital parts of serving the Lord. We all have at least one of the spiritual gifts. Some have more or many. It just depends on you experiencing the gifts or seeking them out. Here is a case of practice makes perfect. Do not be afraid of the gifts. They are divinely given to you for the asking by the Lord. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and earnestly love God and your fellow humans, the Spiritual Gifts will be granted by the Holy Spirit through the grace of God. How wisely you use the gifts in service to God will depend on your humility and honesty. Do not become boastful or proud but be humble. Other wise you will fail and face humiliation.

Prophesy is no longer relevant in modern times. or is it? We all know about prophesy in biblical times where the prophets stated "Thus says the Lord". This was actually God speaking to the prophets to convey a message and or warning. Can that happen today? I don't know but I do know God can do what ever He feels like doing when He wants to or how He wants to. I also understand from Revelations there will be two witnesses that will prophesize to the world for a given time and no one can do them harm (Revelations 11:3-12).

In today's prophesies, I would have to imagine that it deals more so with us on a personal level revealing our hidden issues and our future. Yes there are prophets in that respect in the 20th and 21st century. Jack Deer also experienced the modern day prophet in a Mike Bickle that was a pastor in a church in Kansas City. Mike Bickle revealed to Jack Deer his most hidden feelings and revealed his future. As Jack Deer says, "Prophets tell us the things we cannot see. They do it by revelation from God. They do it to encourage, comfort, and strengthen us so that we can see and marvel at the beauty, splendor, power, goodness and the wisdom of Jesus."

Now this doesn't mean you have to go around and profess to be a prophet proclaiming gloom and doom. You have to do just the opposite to be a true prophet. You encourage and reinforce the faith in God and along the way you heal the sick and afflicted.

Then you ask why such miracles, gifts, supernatural occurrences, and prophesies are not wide spread in all churches? There are many various reasons but I think it is certain denominations rejected these doctrines as out of date with today, a rise of ungifted bureaucratic leadership who put out gifted people, or it was too Pentecostal and weired. In short, they have strangled the free will of the Holy Spirit and God's will. Certainly a direct disobedience to God's commands ( 1 Cor. 12:31 14:1-39).

As it is called today, the Charismatic movement has gained a foot hold in the Christian faith and is growing although there are a number of skeptics and churches that still discount it's validity. Can we refuse to acknowledge that people like John Wimber, Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Jack Deer, and others are successfully healing, seeing visions, and prophesying just as it was in Biblical times? The evidence is overwhelming to the contrary just as it is prophesied in the scriptures in the coming end times.

I have to say I was the biggest skeptic on the gifts and prophesy when I became a believer. I had never heard of such in my earlier years as it was not the doctrine for the churches I attended back then but the scriptures I read personally now says otherwise. We must all believe in the powers of the Holly Spirit and listen to what that still silent voice is telling us from the scriptures. Only then can we experience all the wonders that God has put before us in serving Him in all His glory. The gifts are there for the asking if only we ask with a true heart and compassion to serve God in all His glory through the Holy Spirit.

Could I be now classified a Charismatic Evangelist? I don't know, but I do know that I do believe in all that I am is for the grace of God and desire all that He has to offer me in service to Him. I will trust in Him to lead me in His desires.