Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One evening an old man was sitting on the beach watching the waves come in and noticed a young boy tossing sand dollars and starfish back into the waves that washed up on the shore. The old man was amused but felt the young boy was wasting his time. After a while he went up to the boy and said "why waste your time doing that? There are so many that wash up on the shore, you can't save them all." The boy didn't respond and continued his task. The old man repeated his statement again. The young boy continued but then the young boy stopped and said "it makes a difference to this one."

What faith the young boy had thinking he could save those crustaceans or what ever they are called. Do we have that same faith in saving a life no matter how insignificant it may be? Would we take the time if we felt it would make a difference? How many lives have you saved for Jesus using this young boy's principal? All it takes is one person to take the time to reveal God's plan to another that is lost in order to save them. Could you make a difference? You will never know until you take that first step just like this young boy did.


rcubes said...

It's worth a try. And by His grace, He will supply us what we need, the boldness to share the Good News. Great story. God bless.

photogr said...


Yes he will rcubes. Yes he will.

The one thing I learned is let the Lord lead the way with His own words. I tried it both ways and His way works best.

Tracy said...

I pray every day that I would not miss any opportunities that God puts in my life to reach out to others

photogr said...

Ah men Tracy. We can also lead others to Christ by only living and setting the example just as Jesus did in the start of his ministry.

Many times acting alone in faith can be a powerful witness for Jesus. Others see your actions and what peace it gives you. Then they will ask you how can they have this grace and peace. Actions speak louder than words can ever do.

Athens said...

Hey, Pastor Larry! I reposted "WITHOUT A SONG" and you're featured! I can't find you on FB. Did I push you over the edge?lol Seriously, did I push you over the edge?

photogr said...

Hi Bev:

Seriously. No you didn't. For some reason the face book account seemed to be controling my Server's Email account so I shut it down till they can explain to me why that happens.

You are good. No problems there..

Tsfanpc said...

I want to share an experience I had a few years back. Back when I was in school, I was, sort of the odd bird. I didn't dress like my friends, I didn't carry myself, like my friends. I didn't even partake in the events that they did.

I wore my salvation out where the world could see it. And the world knew it. As they do today.

Well, a young woman that I had went to school with, started attending the church that I had grew up in. She got saved. Well one night she and I were talking. And she let it be known to me, that she had been watching my sister and I when we were in school. She was always impressed with the way we conducted ourselves.

She told me that it was because of the way my sister and I conducted ourselves that lead her to look at herself and made her explore what we were all about.

You must never know who is watching you in this life.

photogr said...


Action do speak louder than words and many can be led to the Lord by the way we carry ourselves as Christians.