Saturday, January 9, 2010


PROUD PEOPLE focus on others failures . BROKEN PEOPLE are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual needs.

PROUD PEOPLE have a critical fault finding spirit towards others. BROKEN PEOPLE are compassionate and forgive much because they know how much they have been forgiven.

PROUD PEOPLE are self righteous and look down on others. BROKEN PEOPLE esteem all others above themselves.

PROUD PEOPLE have an independent, self sufficient spirit. BROKEN PEOPLE have a dependent spirit and recognize their need for others.

PROUD PEOPLE have to prove they are right. BROKEN PEOPLE are willing to yield the right to be right.

PROUD PEOPLE claim rights and have a demanding spirit. BROKEN PEOPLE yield their rights and have a meek spirit.

PROUD PEOPLE desire to be served. BROKEN PEOPLE are motivated to serve others.

PROUD PEOPLE feel confident in how much they know. BROKEN PEOPLE are humbled by how very much they have to learn.

PROUD PEOPLE have a subconscious feeling, " This ministry/church is privileged to have me and my gifts." think of what my gifts can do for God. BROKEN PEOPLE have a heart attitude that says, " I don't deserve to have a part in any ministry." knowing that they have nothing to offer God except the life of Jesus flowing through their broken lives.

PROUD PEOPLE desire self advancement. BROKEN PEOPLE desire to promote others.

Which group do you fall in? Which group is better in service to the Lord? Which group do you think will have the Lord's blessings?

Now this can also be said about the churches too if you think about it. I have a friend that is deeply faithful to the Lord. He is well versed in scriptures. He attends Church. He has went on missions in foreign countries but yet he feels like an outsider in churches that he has attended. No one calls to have a chat over a cup of coffee. This friend has went to classes, volunteered, joined bible study groups, and reached out to others. But yet, no one has made any attempts to get connected or return the favors.

I have another friend with serious health issues and can't always attend church services some times. This friend has been on prayer groups and made suggestions to ministers to make connections to the ones with health issues but her suggestions fell on deaf ears. This friend never gets any calls to find out how she is doing and she has been a regular in this church for years.

I too have experienced these same issues in the church I attend now. The first month I attended this church I volunteered to be a greeter. No one in the group was overly friendly so I went about introducing my self to every one only to hear later one of the greeters saying "Who is that guy going around saying Hi. I am Mickey Mouse to every one?" The group got a laugh out of that so I stopped being a greeter and introducing my self. Going to bible studies and attending classes really didn't help either. Every one was still a bit standoffish except two people. This church is a mega church so that might have some bearing but one being rather new and not in the click groups will find it hard to make connections.

Never the less, I still reach out to be involved in some way but the opportunities are far and few and the promise to get in touch is non existent. So this brings up the question, am I being judged by what I wear, where I live, and what I drive or is it I have shown too much passion in wanting to serve God and it intimidates them or threatens their lofty positions in the church? I don't think it is any of the afore mentioned but more of an age issue. I am not the youngest kid on the block any more. Most people my age and retired are just content to sit in church every Sunday and go home after the celebration and wait till next Sunday for another celebration.

I don't think God has that in mind for me. He wants me to serve Him and win souls to Christ, not be passive and a member of a click group.


Ginx said...

Pride is a funny thing. Wasn't it Satan's sin? And yet, we all agree it's no good to be without any of it...

When does pride go from confidence to haughtiness?

photogr said...

Pride is a fickle thing. We all have it in one form or another.

Pride in an offspring that accomplishes a task and brings delight in thier parents eyes. Another is when one is a leader and their subordinates achieve a momumental task under his supervision and he has pride in them, not himself. I would have to say this type of pride is good and not sinful.

"When does pride go from confidence to haughtiness?"

I would have to say what I listed in the article is when it becomes haughtiness or when they use it to offend and belittle others to make themselves appear superior over others.

Tracy said...

Good point about the difference between those positive, appreciative feelings type of pride and the puffed up pride.

The appreciate feelings type of pride - such as gratefulness for how God has blessed me with gifts He's choosing to use me to bless others, or a thankful heart for the awesome employees He's given me, or the wonderful sons He's given me. The puffed up kind of pride that thinks I'm so smart and don't need God ; that thinks I should be in charge. The thing about the puffed up type of pride is that I've had it sneak up on me and not realized I was partaking of that proud attitude; only to realize later what I had done.

eaglegirl said...

Now come one Photgr, you are not that old ! lol I don't think you are much older than my husband and I, well my husband at least. (He is 6 years older than me)
Yes, I am that friend you spoke of with the serious health issues. For me I have found that unless you area a 'planned church outreach' forget it.
But even when my health was better I found the same problems. There are so many clicks in churches.
And people are just 'too busy' with their own lives and their own circle of friends. It is inconvenient to let anyone into that circle.
Maybe it is part of being in a mega church, I just don't know.
It is quite disturbing that the body of Christ has a lack of love for the body of Christ.
So, I try to ignore it and keep up with the Lord and a few friends He has blessed me with. Thank the Lord for the internet, that really helps those of us who feel like we are outcasts. At least we can communicate with each other and encourage each other in the Lord.
We must also practice forgiveness as needed, so we do not let ourselves get bitter.
Let the joy of the Lord be our strength !

David said...

I'm just proud that I am not in the PROUD GROUP. ;o)

Well, I am working on a new church project - one where people won't be allowed to be too busy for the work of Christ.

While the US thretens to take away the tax free status of organized churches, God is raising up a true apostolic church and a group of equippers.

More to come - thanks, Larry.

photogr said...


I think we all have slipped up in that bad category more than a few times. It is human nature but to realize it and correct it is the Will of God working in your life.

Such as the case on my articles I post on here. I am proud that I do get responses.Perhaps my experiences will help others. I am not trying to out do others but only give a simple message and pray that they can take the leap to salvation.

What I am really trying to do is reach out to others that don't have that connection with God and show how easy it is to make that connection and gain faith in Him as well as touch the ones that are not affiliated with a church.

Many can't or don't go to church and that is where I am aiming my target on Evangelism. If I can make a difference in some one's life and turn them to God then I have done my job.

photogr said...


Do keep me informed on that project.

I realize in todays busy society people are stressed for time. However, if one lets the Lord lead them, He will find the time for them to do service to Him.

You know it is funny most people I see after services tend to rush out the doors not even smiling at any one as they leave. How much time would it take to just say "Hello" or "nice to see you again" or ask the group leaders is there any one we need to contact.

As a test once here, I walked up to a small group in church and just stood there. They totally ignored me. I spoke up and said "hello". I was still ignored. One couple looked at me, smiled, and turned around to continue talking to the rest in the group. So much for trying to be friendly.

photogr said...


I realize we are members of the same church and it is great when we do meet up to worship during the clelbration. Did you notice the week we were there that Saturday night they didn't have the ritual greeting people around us? I thought that to be odd.

Was just reminded that the next encounter ( mini revival) is Jan 24th so look forward to seeing you there.

I don't think this Body of Christ lacks love for the body of Christ. It just seems they have a different agenda over what or who their priorities should be. We may have to set the example first to get them to at least notice and correct their course.

I have an old saying about things. "ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS."