Tuesday, March 29, 2011



In a prior post I mentioned about my spirituality which labeled me as a messy follower who thought out of the box probably too much and really didn't fit in well with a conventional church. Well that is me. One messy follower of Christ, non pretentious, and seeking God. My ideology doesn't fit the mainstream church doctrine but I believe it does follow what Jesus was trying to say to His followers in the scriptures. OK, maybe I did put in a few beliefs of my own too. Hey ! I am not perfect in any stretch of the imagination but I have the desire to follow Christ despite my sinful nature. Thank God, He is a forgiving, loving, and graceful Jesus.

As you know Jesus mixed up things in His teachings and miracles that set the Pharisees into a tither and openly brought out their faults. What kind of religious teacher was he that kept friends from the unsavory crowd and made them disciples? Even an adulteress, a tax collector, and a thief were some of his followers. Quite a messy crowd don't you think?

In my wanderings through the desert I did run across a book by Mike Yaconelli on Messy Spirituality. The title did give me hope that I was not alone in my journey. Here is an excerpt from his book:

Messy spirituality is a description of the Christianity most of us live and that few of us admit. It is an attempt to break through the religious wall of secrecy and legitimize a faith which is unfinished, incomplete, and inexperienced. Messy spirituality is a celebration of a discipleship which is under construction.

Messy spirituality is the scandalous assertion that following Christ is any thing but tidy and neat, balanced and orderly. Far from it. Spirituality is complex, complicated, and perplexing- the disorderly, sloppy, chaotic look of authentic faith in the real world.

Spirituality is anything but a straight line; it is a mixed up, topsy turvey, helter skelter Godliness that turn our lives into an upside down toboggan ride full of unexpected turns, surprise bumps, and bone shattering crashes. In other words,messy spirituality is the delirious consequence of a life ruined by a Jesus who will love us right into His arms.

Christianity is not for people who think religion is a pleasant distraction, a nice alternative, or a positive influence. Messy Spirituality is a good term for the place where desperation meets Jesus. More often than not in Jesus' day, desperate people who tried to get to Jesus were surrounded by religious people who either ignored or rejected those who were seeking to have their hunger for God filled. Sadly, not much has changed over the years.

Desperate people don't do well in churches. They don't fit, and they don't cooperate in the furthering of their starvation ( yes I meant starvation). Church people often label desperate people as strange and unbalanced. When desperate people get a taste of God, they can't stay away from Him, no matter what everyone around them thinks.

The New Testament is filled with desperate people who barged into private dinners, screamed at Jesus until they had his attention or destroyed a roof of someones house to get to him. People who are desperate for spirituality very seldom worry about the mess they make on their way to be with Jesus.

In a way I guess this describes me to a point. Always reading and relishing in the words found in scripture and having a hunger for Jesus. It is interesting to note every time I read a section of the bible, I come up with a deeper meaning of what is being said. Some times it is just a soft reassurance and other times it jumps out of the pages at me. Other times as I am praying or thinking about Jesus, ( which is also prayer) I get a revelation. One time it was a soft spoken voice saying " bring the church to them" . It was a time in the desert when I was contemplating what I was supposed to be doing in serving God. Thus began my ministry in serving those that never set foot in a church. I had written about this in prior blogs.

Mike Yaconelli did give me a better understanding of what it meant to be a messy follower in Christ and that I was not entirely alone. Now I just have to work on thinking out side of the box to be sure it is spiritually led. Some times I think it is and other times I am not sure. When in doubt, I try to follow the scriptures or ask for understanding.

Yes indeed. I am a messy follower that is only a sinner forgiven in Jeus name.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Another photo I have found depicting a winged lion with the head of an eagle.

As I read the bible, there are descriptions of animals or things that come to mind as being mythical. Such as the case in Ezekiel describing a craft that came down from the heavens to land in front of him. In a sense it could be described as a space craft or helicopter based on modern technology. In other parts of the bible there was a description of a lion body with the head of an eagle and with wings I would have to suppose that in biblical times the prophets could only discern what they were seeing in animal terms.

However, I would have to think that in fact these descriptions were parables to a greater meaning or purpose. Such as in Revelations describing Babylon as a harlot and the sea monster with ten horns that rose out of the sea representing possibly ten nations or tribes.

<> The one thing that has always puzzled me is the depictions of biblical people such as Jesus, the disciples, prophets, and the people of that time in pictures and paintings to have a European look about them. I don't suppose that they actually looked like Europeans but actually looked more of a Middle Eastern decent in my mind. Perhaps most of the art work was painted by Europeans in those times as Christianity grew into other regions. I would have to think when Jesus was blessed by the Holy Spirit and began His ministry, His transfiguration is possibly what we will actually see Him as He actually is in the second coming. I will also have to think we will look different too if we are chosen. This has always puzzled me and I don't have a answer. Perhaps some day we will all know.

I do believe that with in a short time we will have our eyes opened to the wonders and miracles of the Holy Kingdom. The heavens are already opening up to us revealing the vastness of the cosmos and it's order. Many miracles and signs will be shown to us in preparation on Jesus' second coming. As Jesus said " be repaired and be ready. I will come like a thief in the night. No one but the Father knows when that time will be."

I have read where many people in various countries that never knew Jesus are being saved through missionary and revival work in preparation of His second coming. What an honor to be a part of a missionary group that leads others to Christ in distant lands and near home.

Are you ready? Are you working with others to bring them to Jesus as their saviour? Are you following God's will to save others seeking Him?

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Last night was finally a moderate night and I took the opportunity to just sit outside and gaze at the stars which brought up a passage from the bible I recalled about the signs from the heavens. I scanned the night time skies and didn't see any thing out of order.

However, it did bring back memories of dreams I have occasionally where I am looking up at the heavens and noted unusual activity. In this dream I am seeing what looks like stars dancing across the night time sky in no set pattern. I don't feel fear but joy. It is as if I am told not to fear these lights but to rejoice for it is now time for the prophesy to be fulfilled. That is as far as I get with the dream.

I lately have learned that some time in 2012 there will be a possible super nova explosion in the heavens that will appear as if we will have two suns for a short time. Kind of like when the birth of Jesus happened and the wise men and shepherds were led to His birth place by a star. When and where it will happen I have no idea. Can't find where I read this.

I have watched the recent devastation in Japan with interest and horror which brought up recalling prophesy about destruction in the end times. The earth will shake and tremble, seas will over flow their banks and engulf the land, and fire will fall from the skies. If you think about the disasters that have happened in the last few years around the world, it might point to the beginning of the prophesy recorded in the bible. Then you have the civil unrest in the middle east area. You add all this up and what can one surmise these events mean?

Part two to follow