Saturday, March 12, 2011



Last night was finally a moderate night and I took the opportunity to just sit outside and gaze at the stars which brought up a passage from the bible I recalled about the signs from the heavens. I scanned the night time skies and didn't see any thing out of order.

However, it did bring back memories of dreams I have occasionally where I am looking up at the heavens and noted unusual activity. In this dream I am seeing what looks like stars dancing across the night time sky in no set pattern. I don't feel fear but joy. It is as if I am told not to fear these lights but to rejoice for it is now time for the prophesy to be fulfilled. That is as far as I get with the dream.

I lately have learned that some time in 2012 there will be a possible super nova explosion in the heavens that will appear as if we will have two suns for a short time. Kind of like when the birth of Jesus happened and the wise men and shepherds were led to His birth place by a star. When and where it will happen I have no idea. Can't find where I read this.

I have watched the recent devastation in Japan with interest and horror which brought up recalling prophesy about destruction in the end times. The earth will shake and tremble, seas will over flow their banks and engulf the land, and fire will fall from the skies. If you think about the disasters that have happened in the last few years around the world, it might point to the beginning of the prophesy recorded in the bible. Then you have the civil unrest in the middle east area. You add all this up and what can one surmise these events mean?

Part two to follow


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

1) what animal is that?

2) I can definitely understand wondering if prophesy is being fulfilled - though earthquakes (and subsequent tsunamis) are a relatively frequent occurrence. I'm a bit of skeptic, and I also got burned out by sunday school teacher interpreting every little world event as prophesy (and declaring the second coming to be 2 years away).

photogr said...


1. It is a Kolaphant ( Kola Bear with an Elephant trunk and ears). Altered using photoshop. Ran across a web site that altered different animals using layers.

2.Well we don't know when the second comming is going to happen. Only God knows and he is not telling. Considering what is happening in the world today over all, one will have to raise the question what it all means.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

one part of me believed that image was real, the other part of me said "not a chance sucker!"

photogr said...

I guess you are talking about the Kolaphant. I posted one of an eagle head with a lion body and bat wings as referenced from a biblical descriptionon part two.