Saturday, February 26, 2011


A few years ago we grew tired of the 4 local channels we were able to get for free in our town. We decided to check out the new Satellite TV offers being advertised every where for only $29.99. You had sports channels of all sorts, science channels, history channels, science fiction channels, and some movie with older releases channels. No more visits to the Block Buster video store. Wow what a deal! Over 225 channels of continuous programming 24/7 with only a few commercials. Hey they even offered premium channels for only $4.99 extra with out any commercials ( movie channels with the latest movies fresh out of Hollywood.) They even offered several Christian program channels that hawked sending in donations to keep their ministry on the air. We even had Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker programming. This was hog heaven and we bought it.

Over the years the Satellite TV service even added more channels as well as offering your own local channels on satellite TV for only $10.00 more. That was a deal to pay for local channels that were free on rabbit ears before. Naturally we bought that deal. It was worth it? More Movie channels were added but that was OK even at $11.00 a channel. Now comes the HD TV programming and we bought a new HD TV to go with the new HD receiver that was only $15.00 a month more for the HD service. Yep. We were set now. It don't get any better that this.

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So now we were up to $150.00 a month for satellite TV service and more channels than we can watch in a life time. Hey they now even got Playboy channels too but that cost a little extra if you are into that. The premium movie channels now play movies that I never heard of and still tout them a the latest releases from Hollywood. Which Hollywood are the referring too? Now we have also pay per view channels which runs from $5.00 to $60.00 if you want to watch Wrestle mania live and some sports events. That is Ok though. We even got channels that now try to sell you goods 24/7 at inflated prices ( HSN, QVC, and the MSNBC channel) No commercials there though.

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Of course all this programming cost money to operate so the satellite company sells out commercial time to companies to hawk their products like Viatalia enhancer for a better libido, Lightening 4 G network, Shellack oil to make your car run smoother. That is fine. I can understand the need to keep the company profitable. Usually if a commercial in on one channel I will flip over to another program to watch while the commercial is on the previous channel. The satellite company must be able to monitor what you watch. Doing what I mentioned above must be a sin now in their eyes. If I am on one channel and a commercial comes on when I now switch, I will find another channel with the same commercial on at the same time. Flip to another channel and you have commercials. I wonder how they do that?

OK I am still understanding the company needs money to stay profitable. That is cool. Now I am noticing the programs that can be shown in 30 minutes takes an hour to show due to the company trying to make money in order to present their programs. Uh Wait a minute! I am being deluged with 30 minutes of mindless commercials all at the same time for a 30 minute program that takes 1 hour to show. Now I am forgetting what I am watching due to all the commercials.

Let me get this straight. I am paying $150.00 a month for programming 24/7 that half that time are only commercials .Something is not adding up here. The satellite company also is now showing the same programs over and over again for weeks at a time. We have lost the freshness of new topics coming on weekly. But don't forget next week Wrestle Mania comes on pay per view with the Royal Rumble No Holds Bared Match. Only $75.00 for a limited time.

Oh well, there is always books and magazines to read once you tear out all the commercial tabs stuck in them. Another option is the Holy Bible. You can find historical facts, military actions, faith healing, Stories of miraculous happenings, songs, words of great prophets, and the actual words of Jesus our saviour among other interesting happenings. Did I mention there are no commercials?


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

I nearly typed hate - but I despise with a deep passion marketing, advertising and commercial schemes. They seem so manipulative to me that almost anyone that tries to sell me something, including ministries, automatically triggers me to distrust and avoid contact.

I wish the Bible were easier to read, truth be told... I don't mean I want more blood & guts and sex, but seeing as its thousands of years old the styles don't match and I have difficulty getting enraptured in it.

photogr said...

That could possibly true for some but lets look at some of the military tactics that are told in the bible. We have comando raids, we have surprise attacks from the flanks, and 300 of the faith winning battles with countless enemies. Some military leaders of the modern era used the same tactics successfully after reading the bible.

Yes the parables and the way it was written at first will seem irrevelant to modern days but each time I read a passage, I get a clearer picture which relates to also modern times.

Some of the passages actually predicts actions in modern times.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

This makes me even happier that I have not found myself in the satellite or HD generation. I have an old TV that I have to use an adaptor from the cable company to get channels. I use it to mostly watch movies. I despise commercials so I listen to very very little radio. I prefer my CDs with my style of music. (I prefer classic rock and '80s rock. No rap. No country. No r & b. Straight on rock). Anyway, I may seem like a dinosaur but it works out well for me and I ain't paying out the nose. Oh yeah, I also like to read, especially the Bible. :)

photogr said...


I don't watch much TV except for the science and military channels. However, I do get a bit annoyed having to wait through several commercials to get back to the program.