Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yep it is time to bid all farewell on this blog project. To be honest, I am running out of things to say. So much of my time is going to maintaining sanity in this small community that I live in, I can't keep up with maintaining a blog site too; and reaching out to others across the world. Now this doesn't mean that I will not drop by other's blogs and share my off the wall and out of the box thoughts from time to time but more time must be spent in fellowship in person to others close by.

I think this is where the Lord is leading me or it might be my own thoughts. Been hard to get clear receptions lately but through the static, this is the message I am getting.

Thanks to all that have commented on my articles and I do hope it was helpful in a way


Larry AKA photogr


eaglegirl said...

I am so sorry to hear this. But only you know what the Lord is leading you to do.
It seems we go through different seasons in our lives and it is good that we recognize them.
I know I have been led differently and am not writing much in my blog, but doing some different kinds of writing.
Thank you for all you have shared with us in your blogs Larry. The Lord has surely used you.
And right now you are needed to keep managing your small community. That is a big job and the Lord is surely using you in that. And you have a large family to keep up with.
I pray that the Lord will bless you and your lovely wife, keep you safe and healthy and that you will have fun and joyful times in addition to all the work you do.
Your friend,

Gene Haddock said...

Hey Photogr.... I'm sure you, or the big man, will come up with some ideas to spread your word, somehow. Whether by blog, or however.

I always read your stuff, because you write with passion from the heart.

I respect you more than anyone on these pages, and I've never met you. Your a good man, Larry. Love ya, man.

tezgm99 said...

all the best, photo...from memory, you were my first ever comment when I started out on that previous site we were all on, lol

photogr said...

Thanks Carol. that means a lot to me.

photogr said...


We weren't far from Charleston a couple weeks ago ( Went to Charlotte to see Grandaughter graduate ). Had we had more time, we would have driven down to Charleston to look you up. Maybe next trip to Florida in the fall we will detour through Charleston. Sure have fond memories of that town.

photogr said...


I remember that ( even at my age).

Too bad Fox went the way of the trols. At least here we can control what is put on our sites.

Too bad about Ambrose. I hope he doesn't forget during the next race.

Tracy said...

I find that I have to agree with Gene; thinking that God will continue to work in and through you all be it here on a blog or all the other places He's already doing so in your life.

I'll miss reading your blog.

But who knows; I have another friend who stopped blogging for awhile and now periodically writes again.

photogr said...


Thanks, I will still continue to leave post on other blogs from time to time but me being an author of my on blog is becomming taxing.

I am finding negativity in my post becoming common place and I don't want that in glorifying God since He does lead me in most of my former post.

Perhaps a hiatis for awhile might reinvigorate me but we will see.

David said...

Well my friend we all have dry times. I took off about 9 months a few years ago. I understand - but I will miss what you have to say. Experience like you have is a great thing. Too bad the church doesn't always see it that way.

You are a man of God, and His love for you is immense. And for that all we have to do is receive.

It might be a great time to read some books on revival and let us know how that is going from time to time.

Thanks for the blessings you have sent my way via your blog.

Love and blessings, Larry.

photogr said...

Thanks David:

The feeling is mutual.

I do have an assortment of books that I haven't read yet and this will be a perfect time to catch up.

Love and blessings to you too.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Taking time to refuel....regroup...
..refresh...revive....can be a good thing...

I think God has something BIG up His sleeve with you.

photogr said...


That is a possibility but I am not privy yet to what he has in mind. Although I feel I am being led in a new direction, only time will tell.