Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tonight I have no pictures to post. Tonight there is no title. Tonight I am deeply troubled. Tonight I see injustice every where I turn.

The world is a dark place with out light and peace. Every news station I watch, I only hear of death and violence. The Islamic radicals are killing their own and others for holy jihad. Grown men are taking little children for sexual satisfaction then killing them. They are also attacking adult women and killing too. Teenage children have become so rebellious that they kill and brutally attack each other or adults with out remourse if only for some kind of satisfaction. Others kill to settle a score or revenge. Our current political party has set out on a mission to ignore the wishes of the citizens and seem to be turning to a new age way of thinking. Socialism for the masses and a select few rule all. The constitution is no longer valid per their way of thinking.

Why does God allow these atrocities to happen? Wait a minute! We allowed God to be taken out of our schools, banned prayers, even the mention of God publically, our judicial systems, our displays in public places, our TV networks, and even our lives and yet we said nothing as believers. Don't you think God feels His grace is not welcome in our lives any more so why bother?

Then you may wonder why God lets these things happen. As in bibical times you remember the ones that rebeled and ignored His guidance were uncontrolable.They refused to hear his words. He had no recourse but to warn first of the results if repentance was not made. In the cases as told by the prophets for those that refused to change their wicked ways destruction and death proceeded. The case of Noah is a good example. Others can also be found in scriptures.

God can't control everything that happens out side of his plan but He can surely allow the ones in His plans eternal life in His kingdom after the death of the flesh. Those that fail to come into His grace before their death of the flesh will suffer the consequences eternally in damnation and hell. As Jesus has said only the young children are innocent of sin and will be spared in Heaven. So God does have a master plan for believers and sinners in the time of judgement days comming soon.It just doesn't seem to be that way now but He never rest.

These thoughts reminded me of the time of Abraham pleading to God for sparing Sodom and Gomorah if only 10 believers could be found there ( thinking of his nephiew Lot)(Genesis). Instead God sent two of his angels ahead to see what wickedness was there. Is this what our own country has become ( modern day Sodom and Gomorah)? I pray to God that He does not feel that way for the ones who do believe.

I would think it would be hard to target one home over the other to pelt with Hell fire and brimstones. However, He does have a master plan of allowing all to repent and come under His grace before the rapture. That will be the time that His patience runs out and Jesus will come back to earth to claim His church. Even then, God is still reaching out to the ones that still refuse to repent. This time though, the non believers only have about 7 years left should they survive the tribulations of famine, death, and plagues to repent. If not, eternal judgement and damnation will prevail for those that refuse Gods loving grace for eternal life.

God is a loving God and wants all of us to enjoy his love and grace. God hates sin and the ones who fail to repent but He every day pleads with you for a better way of life and peace. You will never find it in the Humanist manifesto, New Age thinking, a political ideaology, worshiping false gods, lust, money, power, or material objects. Only through God can you ever find inner peace and the glory of the miracles and super natural power of God. It is yours for the asking by only believing and praying for forgiveness. In Revelations chapter 21 to 22, we read of the New Jerusalem that will descend from Heaven to replace the old Jerusalem. Reading the descriptions will certainly prove God's love for you if only you will believe. This is our new home for all eternity in Gods grace.

What is your choice?


eaglegirl said...

Yes the news is dreadful. No news is good news ?
Have you ever thought about doing a news fast ? Sometimes we can get so caught up in the evil around us that it gets us down.
Not to say we should put our heads in the sand. But I do think we should consider Philippians 4:8
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things."
Just some food for thought.

David said...

I suppose there is a place that we need to go and pray - a place to recharge.

Injustice, corruption and the like, make me nuts. I agree with Carol - maybe time to shut of the tube or the radio, play some worship music that makes you want to be the arms of Jesus, and see what He'll have you do next.

photogr said...


Yes it does get one down but I have faith in God to get me through. Having God legislated out of our country is one of the causes of our current delima with such lawless activity. The other is the punishment is not that severe.

The crimes to the victims are always more severe that the justice handed out by the courts to the criminals. I think it is time to reverse that trend. I think it is time for us to stand up and say enough is enough.

photogr said...


This is certainly what God has seen through out recorded history with violence and immorality. He even sent prophets out to warn of the consequences in the scriptures.

It appears considering the current issues that the ending times are quickly coming to pass and God will again show His wrath to those that fail to repent. Revelations state that clearly.

However we cannot stick our heads in the sand and overlook what is happening as we continue to live here on earth. We must be vigilant of our surroundings and make our voices heard for the victims that we will not accept minor punishment for the criminals any more.

What can we do? Demand harsher sentences for the repeat offense criminals. Vote for officials that do not take liberal views on crime.
Work to change the laws on crime. Allow God back into our society. Just get involved.

Tracy said...

I think it hurts us to hear or read all that awful stuff because we care about people; I think it makes God sad to see all the evil.

Recently I've been reading in the book of Habakkuk and thinking about how I could relate to Habakkuk's complaints about the evil around him - but I don't want God to do to America what He did to bring Isreal back to Himself! I pray for the Belivers in this country to be salt and light and impact those around us.

photogr said...


We definitely have to be the salt and light to turn the tide. Involvement by all is he key. Not apathy thinking it can't happen to them or their loved ones. Some day it might.

I do recall the book of Habakkuk quite well.

Tsfanpc said...

It is terrible what is going on in this world. But the Bible tells us that a time like this would come. And it also tells us that there will come a time like we have never seen before. And that time will make this time look safe.

But you are right, now is the time to make sure you are right with God, or there will be a time of great tribulation that is coming and it is coming fast.

How are you feeling?

photogr said...


Right you are. I would imagine the turmoil will certainly get worse as time passes. However, I would think God would expect us to do battle with evil and the current trend of lawlessness if only to just save a life of an innocent child or a loved one.

I don't think He wants us to just lay dowwn and get run over or look the other way. We must stand up and fight back to save ourselves and others.

photogr said...


I am doing better. Getting more use back in the arm every day.

Tsfanpc said...

photogr You are right. God does expect us to fight the forces of evil. And in that fight we must be careful not to let ourselves be brought down under the weight of this evil.

We must be able to leave the fight in the hands of God when it is too much for us.

Take care of yourself. Glad to hear that you are improving. Keep up the good fight. God will reward you in the end.

photogr said...

When my burdens are heavy and over whelming, I leave them in the hands of the Lord.With that trust, I am better able to handle the mundane task.