Sunday, February 7, 2010



I had heard this from a Dentist some where once and it struck me by surprise that he would be so open with his faith to a total stranger. I found this statement to be quite a bold statement for any one to say at a first meeting. Then I wondered if I would be as bold to make such a statement to people I have never met before. Sadly the answer was no, not at first. How many of us would do the same? Was this dentist a crack pot? I don't think so. I took it as he was totally convicted of the salvation that Christ offered and was not afraid to profess his faith to any one.

You have to admire this dentist for his conviction to so openly profess his faith to any one. From what I understand his practice was flourishing. It has been said he has won many to Christ as well as saved a few teeth for his customers.

Here in lies the question. Would we do the same to people we meet with out fear, rejection, or reprocussions? Just as Jesus called out to Simon Peter and Andrew at the sea of Galilee and John and James to follow Him, He is calling out to us to follow Him and be fishers of men to spread His word and works. (Matthew 4: 18-22).

We are being called today to continue with His work He had started so long ago so that more can be saved and enjoy the grace of the Lord through eternal life and share in the living waters that flow freely from God for all that repent and believe. Crowns of glory and riches beyond any one's imagination await those in the Kingdom of Heaven that spread to all His words of love and salvation.

Are you ready to be the new Apsotles and followers of Christ by openly professing your convictions to others ? Time is running short and there are so many souls yet to be saved.


RCUBEs said...

Denying Christ is like denying your spouse when someone asks if you are married with him/her...I can't imagine how much hurt that would be for the spouse. Same thing with our Groom. Who did nothing but loved His bride from the very start. It's not easy to profess our faith sometimes, but God always does provide His help through the Holy Spirit. The Bible said, we should please God rather than men. Thanks for this thought-provoking question. Blessings.

photogr said...


Yes it would break the Lord's heart to deny Him. Just as it would if we do not lead by example or speak up for Him.

In today's society, it is akward to spread the word and it will take courage to even speak of His saving grace in some situations but it is our commission to speak to any one seeking His comforting words and to seek out those that are hurting and lost.

Not an easy task but if we let Him lead us through the Hoy Spirit, He will provide the words and point out to us where we should be.

David said...

I agree and disagree.

I don't just tell folks when I first meet them. Depending on the situation, I am always looking for an 'in' to talk about what I believe to be eternal truth.

I use lots of avenues to turn the discussion toward faith. When I travel, I sit on planes with folks and talk about travel. When I say that I have visited 13 countries I get to say that I was a travel writer and a missionary.

As a musician I get to talk about music - that always leads to the question, "do you play in a band?" I answer, yes and no, I play in the rock band at church, the hours are better.

Most importantly, I get to have the Holy Spirit with me - to tell me how the Father wants to handle this one. Religion can be a turn off for Jesus. Relationship, passion and love can be an open door.

I met a new guy at church, he gave me his number yesterday. So, I called him. He began to talk about what he is going through with his mother, the nursing home etc. we are going to have a coffee tonight.

Tracy said...

I appreciate where you're coming from Photogr. That God is worthy of our adoration, and we should never deny Him. That people are going to hell without Jesus, and we want to share with them.

I think Dave makes some great points about being led by the Holy Spirit as to HOW to share.

I also think that God created us the way we are as individuals and that affects how we share our faith. For example, my husband John is the most bold sharer of the gospel of anyone I've ever met. To be totally candid, sometimes I even feel embarrassed by what seems pushy to me. But then John never worries about what people think about anything - that's who he is. The good side is that he's not ruled by convention or others, and the bad side is that sometimes he's not as sensitive to other's feelings as he could be. Together we make a great team because I'm most likely over tuned in to what others are thinking and feeling. But my point is that God made us both who we on purpose; it takes all types of approaches.

photogr said...


Yes it does take different types of approaches to talk to others about the Lord. I just thought it was bold for the dentist to make his statement but admired his conviction. I am not saying we all should adapt his approach but be open to discerning when someone may be seeking the Lord. That can come from a variety of places like in my case at IHOP recently.

photogr said...


You laid out some great opportunities to talk to others about the Lord. As I mentioned to RCUBEs about letting the Holy Spirit lead you, he will point out what needs to be said and when to discern who is seeking answers or lost.

It was great to hear of you making a connection with that fellow in church. I hope all goes well.

ATHENS said...

I would ask the pastor over all the time, "Please come talk to my husband." and beg my ex-husband's Christian friends to come talk to him, when the Holy Spirit wasn't in any of it and I just made the mess bigger. Kind of like trying to make something happen with a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and making a mess out of it. GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!

photogr said...


It is sort of like when one does not see a connection, no matter how hard you try; they will not change. With those you can only pray for a day when they will be more receptive.

JD Curtis said...

Excellent points by everyone.

I like what Dave had to say. That being said, even when those opportunities present themselves by the power of the Holy Spirit, all too often I remain silent out of fear or uncertainty. When the circumstances permit it, I pray that all of us would be more effective witnesses in one way or another, especially me.

photogr said...


It is certainly hard and takes courage to stand up and speak for the Lord but we have to be alert and seize the moment when all points to that occasion.