Wednesday, June 8, 2011



We sometimes put our confidence in things like our own skills, jobs, bank accounts, and other material things and over look where our confidence should be put. If one fails to put their faith in God over all else, one is doomed.

I have been thinking a lot lately on issues. One of the pitfalls to that is a headache. Best to leave those issues in God's hands.

Religious Theologians all have the absolute answers as fact. Now that depends on which one you agree with. It is best to believe in what God says, not man.

The greatest danger is not that we renounce our faith, but settle for a mediocre version of it( John Ortberg).

What if a person (man) declared himself as a god and stated there is no absolute truth but that which you make as truth? That there is no heaven or hell? That man determines what is moral or imoral? I think most believers can answer those questions. I would be interested in the answers.

Spiritual Gifts are real and they exist today for those that seek them in earnest through God's grace by the Holy Spirit. Oh how I yearn for them but I fear I am not worthy of such an honor.

Praying to God daily can mean many things. actual prayer, thoughts, giving thanks, thinking, of Him, singing praises, hearing His voice, and yes simply talking to God.

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

I like the Ortberg quote and I think we have already seen the result of when man sets himself up as god.

photogr said...


The Ortberg quote has stuck in my mind for years. Figured it was time to bring it into the Random Thoughts.

As far as setting man up to consider himself a God,I thought this along the lines of old time Marxism theology. However today it might be considered Secular Humanism. Did you know the federal government considers Humanism a religion?

Thanks for dropping by.