Monday, October 19, 2009



Have you ever noticed the advertisements on TV that have animals and Natures creatures hawking a product or service. Lets see how many there are: We have a white farm duck hawking AFLAC insurance. Then there was once a cute little puppy dog hawking Geico only to be replaced by a lizard and a smart one at that. We have red and pink bears hawking Charmin toilet paper. Then there are cute uncountable sheep popping up in your bed room hawking Serta beds. You have crows that seem to be smarter that the average window cleaning human. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Cavemen hawking Geico Insurance.

Kinda makes you pay attention doesn't it? Why is it that these commercials get your attention? They are cute and informative. They get a point across. Makes you want to buy their product doesn't it? What if God hired an advertising agency to get the word out and came up with ad jingles to stir up some attention to his salvation offered to us? Now I know I am stepping on hallowed ground here but I am only entertaining the possibilities of a cute ad campaign to win souls to Christ and better yet to get your attention. I will not go into the jingles area as that is up to God.

<> What I am trying to get across here is God does have a sense of humor and is filled with love beyond what we can even comprehend. How many mortals would allow their only son to be sacrificed so that his blood can cleanse us of sin so that we may be saved? ( John 3:16).None I can think of.

Jesus gave us two commandments. Love one another as he loves us and love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. ( John13:34 and Matthew23:37) Do we practice this much? As I was thinking about this, The Beatles song stance came to mind "Love is all We Need". (1Corinthians13:2) Paul stated of his gifts , knowledge, thoughts , and faith to move mountains; with out love He was nothing. There is that Love word again. God speaks numerous times about Love in the scriptures. He deeply loves us ( His children) and He has offered us salvation if we will only believe and sin not. Do we listen or understand that promise? It is a promise and God does not break his promise ever. As an incentive showing His love and grace, He showers us with loving gifts so that we can serve Him in His glory. He allows the Holy Spirit to grant us gifts that is best suited for our service and worship to Him. He allows the Holy Spirit to Baptise us with His being as a show of love. He encourages us to use the gifts to edify His grace . How can we not Love a gracious God such as He is. Love is all we need right now for God, our neighbors, our church members, and sinners alike.

I attended an Encounter ( Vineyard slang for revival?) last night. There was a great amount of love pouring out through out the chapel in worshipping the Lord. The Songs worshiping God had a new meaning and people were filled with the Holy Spirit. Tears of Joy filled the room. People went forward to be healed and prayed for. Some were jumping for joy. The laying of hands were tremendous. Over half the people were in front of the stage praising God and giving Him glory as the band played the Revelation song and Hallelujah as well as others . The Holy Spirit had total control in this encounter. Some thing I had never experienced since the old tent revival days from so long ago. This is what we should experience each time we enter the Body of Christ. I guess this is where I realized I may be a charismatic believer fully aware of the Gifts and the Holy Spirit though Gods grace.

You too can experience these same feelings if you can only repent and accept what God has laid out for you in His master plan of salvation and love for you. Even if you are a sinner, it doesn't matter. He wants you to share in His love for you. He wants you to dwell in His house for eternity. He wants you to be saved. He wants you to be loved and you to love Him. Can you make that call tonight? It only takes a simple prayer in your own words straight from your heart to be in the grace of the Lord through Jesus name. It doesn't take a catchy jingle, glossy ad campaigns, or cute animals. Salvation is yours for the asking.


eaglegirl said...

'Oh the sweet, sweet love of Jesus,'as the old hymn says.
He offers us the gift of salvation and when we accept, many more gifts are available to us.
As the book of James says 'every good and perfect gift comes from the Father'. And oh, what gifts He offers.
Love, love, love; it's what we need and can receive from God our Father through Christ His Son.

David said...

Really good thoughts, Larry. I think that you are on to something with the Encounters. For some reason ours haven't been quite as spirit filled as yours. I did attend a church Sunday in which the worship was awesome-- so spirit filled you didn't even need the words. I am thinking of searching a little more. I could really use a higher level of God's presence.

volfan69 said...

Since I've gone back to work I've missed you and your blogs. You will probably never know what you and what you have to say really means to me. I honestly love you my friend. You lift me up and bring me closer to OUR GOD. Thank you as always for sharing your honest thoughts and feelings. When I get down I can go back and read past blogs of yours and I feel better. I guess you will also never realize just how much GOD is working through you and what you write. Take care and stay safe.

photogr said...

Volfan. Your words inspire me more than you will ever know. Thank you. I am thankful that what little I can write keeps you closer to God.

photogr said...


Love is all we need through Gods grace. If all would accept the grace of God and spread love through the world, We could overcome all obstacles.

photogr said...


I have to think we all have to seek a higher level of God's presence if for nothing else but to glorify Him.

I sincerely hope that the next "Encounter" will also be spirit filled in edifying God.

I am so glad you had such an experience Sunday. What a wonderful feeling to be bathed in the Holy Spirits presence.