Thursday, October 15, 2009


As I watch the news channels with the latest and horrifying news release, I begin to wonder what the dickens is going on. A young child was snatched from her home and was later found buried in a shallow grave and covered over with concrete. A mother murders her child and dumps the body in a field near her home and then goes out partying. A young teenage boy was doused with alcohol and set on fire for retribution. A group of gang members from a school slams a wood plank up side a students head and proceeds to kick and beat him to death. A student goes to school and slashes another students throat for what ever reason and the list goes on and on.

Then you have news channels that make the incident into a 1 hour show discussing the issues with a panel of experts proclaiming the reasons for these heinous crimes. They blame the violence on all the TV programs, or they had a dysfunctional early life. Some experts even go so far as to defend the criminals action as unable to tell right from wrong or they were abused as a child.

Come on panel experts! You have missed the true reason all together. It is what students and people are taught today in their lives. It is what we are brain washed with daily in our lives from school and after school for the last few decades. We are almost to the point that a human life has no value in our society. It is OK to kill. It is OK to attack a woman or child for sexual lust. It is OK to steal for monetary gain. It is Ok to do what ever you feel like doing . It is OK to kill the unborn as it was an inconvenience. It is Ok as long as you don't get caught so do whatever you like.

There are some movements ( I will cover these at a later date) that profess there is no God. They say we are our own gods and we have the right to determine what is right. If it makes us feel good that we should do it. They profess we determine what it is that our conscience determines is right or wrong. The scary part is these anti God movements have infiltrated our educational systems right up through college levels, our political processes and our courts with their agenda.

There in lies the real problem with our society. It is with out God in it's legal, legislative, moral, ethical, and educational process. The older ones of us do remember saying the Lords prayer and the pledge to the flag at the start of the school day. These organizations found this offensive and utilized their pull to have it stopped irregardless of the majority wishes. They were vocal and had political clout in the parties in Washington to do this. We the majority said nothing.

The 10 commandments in public view was offensive to them so it was barred. If you think about it, the commandments was a good rule to follow as far as ethical and moral guidelines even if you weren't a believer. Prayer to God in public places and school graduations were offensive to them so they rallied to have that removed and even with their minority voice it was removed. If you were to pray at those gathering, you might face civil charges in a court of law. How ridiculous is that? All the while we sat back and said nothing. Do we not care? If we as believers would only rally together and voice our displeasure's of the restrictions towards God, do you think we might be heard? Perhaps in the past had we spoke up. Today it will be a hard fought battle that we cannot afford to loose. We as believers must stand up to this and fight back as a united front.

I can see in the not too distant future if we don't take up the fight, we will be out lawed from assembly and worship to God in our own churches because it is offensive to the loud minority. We will be arrested for unlawful assembly and possibly charged with domestic terrorism. Do you want this to happen? Next it will be burning of the bibles ( well that has already happened).

Back to the latest news. In these news channel programs, have you ever noticed on the expert panels; interviewers failed to include a pastor or minister? Why is that? They could tell you right away why there is so much violence in our society. With out God, the 10 commandments, the scriptures, moral, and ethical values, you have a society in dwelt in anarchy and despair. You have a society that will eventually destroy itself from with in. Life will have no meaning or purpose. We need divine guidance in order to survive as a nation of freedom and peace.

As I read the Old Testament Prophet's visions, I can see it closely relates to our current events and time. It is so related I am thinking I am reading the prophesy of our own times. Is that what God also wanted for us to understand what was said 2500 years ago applies for today too?

WE ARE IN TROUBLE BIG TIME. We just don't realize it yet.


eaglegirl said...

Yes, we are in trouble and I do realize it.
This past May a pastor in San Diego County, Ca. was threatened with fines for having a Bible study in his home ! They were given a cease and desist order until they got a 'major permit order'.
I don't know how it ended up, but I am guessing they were eventually allowed to meet.
Can you imagine that ? In your own home ?
What's next ? A family cannot have their own Bible study ?
It is starting to sound like China.

photogr said...


Sadly it is in America that this is happening. In China you do have more religious freedom as long as it is with in the party guidelines.Here the radical groups with powerful connections want God completely out of America dispite what the Americans are saying.

We are being taken over by a socialist agenda and lets pray to God that America opens up their eyes before it is too late.

From what I heard the county oficials got a black eye on this and recanted their order.

photogr said...

Oh I just had to add this tid bit concerning what I have experienced on one of my older articles. It seems the same groups feels pornography should be protected under the freedom of press or speech act. Where are our priorities? They can spread their smut but we cannot be heard or listened to if we objectto porn.

eaglegirl said...

Are not these things signs of the end times ? Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Tsfanpc said...

Photogr unfortunately the time you described about, not being about to gather and worship is fast approaching. The same people who do not the Bible, prayer and God in our daily lives, is the same people that is sitting in Washington, D.C. running this country.

I am not trying to get political here, but if people don't believe that the day is coming in which the Christian will not be allowed to gather, just stand aside and watch. This is coming and it is coming faster than we realize.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other Majority Party leaders may be fooling many that they are Christians and they don't want to stop the freedom of religion. But don't let them fool you. The leaders of the Democratic party is so against God and religion that it is down right scarry.

Keep listening and watching, it is slowly coming out and before too much longer, there will be a bill to stop religious gatherings without a permit. And the tax free exemption churches are under right now will be a thing of the past. Because Obama has to find away to raise money to pay for all his programs.

The middle class is already taxed to the max. And the rich are going to hide their money in offshore accounts, and the poor can't afford to pay. So the only thing left that is not taxed is churches.

Tevet said...

"In these news channel programs, have you ever noticed on the expert panels; interviewers failed to include a pastor or minister? Why is that? They could tell you right away why there is so much violence in our society."
Excellent point!

volfan69 said...

I realize that we are in trouble. I knew years ago when I could no longer punish a child in my classroom for hitting or cursing another child or me. I realized it when the state told me what I had to teach and when I had to teach it and I no longer had time to get to know my students and their needs. I realized it when I could no longer hug or kiss my kids because I might be accused of sexual abuse. Yeah, I know we are in trouble. You are correct, Sir, it is because we can no longer talk to kids about belief, prayer,God, and what is right and wrong. Thank you for this excellent blog.

photogr said...

Volfan: I have heard from other teachers of this plight over the years. One is a very close friend of ours and it distresses her so much that she finally retired vowing never to teach again.

perhaps some day we can take action and put God back into our schools and our country.

photogr said...


Yes they are. We are right in the beginning of the tribulations.

photogr said...


Makes you wonder doesn't it? Perhaps they don't want to hear the truth.

photogr said...


It would amaze and shock you if you were to get a list of political leaders and people with clout and control in other countries that subscribe to the Humanist Manifesto past and present. They are strong and powerful wanting to control every part of our lives in a socialist agenda.

You said it all.

A few are right now in Washington in high places. They all support a one world government, one world religion ( non Christian), and one world monetary system with out God visible any where. All a part of the scriptures in revelations.