Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Oh dear Lord. I am wandering about in a desolate desert thirsting for the living waters you offer but I can find none. I feel lost and abandoned. My prayers go unanswered. Your loving grace eludes me. I do not hear your comforting voice. There is no cool shade to comfort me. Truly I will perish if I cannot find my way back to your grace.

I am sure a few of us (as well as I) have been in this position at one time or another in our walk with the Lord. In the desert we are cut off entirely with God to wander aimlessly to realize the importance of a close relationship with God. However as it was with Jesus, you will have a tempter that will offer you the world if you will only worship him. He will promise you living waters and comfort and the temptation to fall back into sin is always ever present. The tempting to give up on your faith as a waste of time is always on your mind. You then begin to think your friends at church are not really your friends. Don't fall into the trap. You are being swayed by the prince of darkness ( Satan) whose domain is the desert.

Those that are strong in their faith and unwavering will overcome the desert and the temptations. Just as Jesus replied to Satan with his trials in the desert, so must we also do the same in order to return to God's grace, taste the living waters, and feel his love once again. For those that are weak in faith, this will be a more difficult time but you can still overcome all temptations by keeping your heart and eyes on the ultimate goal. God's grace and love that promises so much more for you into eternity. God can hear your thoughts, Satan can't. Yet Satan can talk to you in your thoughts, he cannot hear what is in your heart. That is where you can overcome all trials and tribulations and receive God's blessings through your walk in the desert.

Put your faith in the Lord and let His word comfort you in your trials through the desert and you will also be able to overcome all obstacles.

Dear Lord. I come before you humbly to confess of my sins and beg for forgiveness. Help guide me through my walk in my life so that I may serve you and exalt Your holy name to all that will listen. Grant me the courage and faith to endure hardships, persecution, and temptations so that I am in Jesus as Jesus is in you. In Jesus name, amen.


Jack Foster said...

Great post. It goes right in line with the series we are in at our church. The book of 1Peter, hope in the midst of suffering. You are so right about Satan trying to take advantage of us at our weaker points. We must keep our eyes on the ultimate goal.

photogr said...


Thanks for dropping by. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I would imagine that Satan has cranked it up a bit considering the times we are in now.

Tracy said...

Yes I've been in the spiritual desert before and, frankly, I don't like it! Yet I've seen, in retrospect, how even when I didn't feel like it, God really was there and God did work in my life.

photogr said...


The Lord is always with us if we seek Him in earnest. I would imagine even if we refuse Him He still tries to lead us back to Him.

ATHENS said...

My daughter is with her Dad today. His depression is about to overcome him. Please pray for him. He fell cooking dinner for me Tuesday night. There is no waking minute when he doesn't feel pain so sleeping pills and pain pills are his comfort.

photogr said...

I will pray for him Bev.