Thursday, March 18, 2010


An interesting article I found on Prime time with God.

I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection...." - Philippians 3:10 P

If I asked you the purpose for which God made you, what might you say? You might give a lot of answers that required some action on your part. However, the simplest answer to that question relates to one primary thing: fellowship. The most important thing God desires from us today is to have a deep and intimate fellowship with each of us.

The apostle Paul said he wanted to know Christ, and by knowing Christ he could experience the power of His resurrection. I find this to be the hardest thing for many of us workplace believers to do. So often it is much easier to be busy with the urgent (or even Christian) activity than spending quiet moments before the Lord. Before we realize it, days have passed since our last quiet time with Jesus.

Jesus understood how important quiet moments were with the Father. "After He had dismissed them, He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray. When evening came, He was there alone" (Mt. 14:23).

The more mature I become in my relationship with the Lord, the more precious this time becomes to me. It is a time I look forward to almost daily. It offers me a time to reflect, to share my concerns with my Lord, and to hear Him speak. In the last few years I have begun prayer walks, which accomplish three things: fellowship, prayer, and exercise. It has changed my prayer life. I have come to understand that Jesus views us as His friend and He wants to spend time with us. We are depriving Him of His time when we put Him aside for the urgent. An interesting thing happens when we make prayer a priority: Urgent things seem to wane as we focus on Him. He makes all these other things fall into place.

Are you taking the time to get to know Him today?


Deborah Ann said...

Quiet time with God is my favorite part of the day. I'm always more interested in what He has to say to me than I am in doing all the talking...

photogr said...

Deborah Ann:

For me it is the most rewarding and spirit filled time. Sadly though I have to struggle daily to set aside that time due to other issues demanding too much of my time.

JD Curtis said...

This is rather timely PHOTOGR. I really should make more time in my walk with the Lord. Thank you.

photogr said...


I think we all need to do that more.

Trac y said...

I treasure that time each morning.
But sometimes I do let myself get too caught up in activity and sometimes miss out.

photogr said...


I think we all do unfortunately. However, the Lord does understand and cherishes the time we do spend with Him I really don't think it is the amount of time spent but the quality of time spent.