Saturday, April 23, 2011


As we approach Easter Sunday, non believers probably wonder what is all the fuss about

After all wasn't Jesus only a mortal man that was crucified for His different stand against conventional thinking of the Pharisees and their hardened hearts? He brought forth a new way to worship God. He even made new laws of the faith. In the eyes of the Pharisees, this was heresy and it meant death to any one that differed from their legalistic views. The only way to end this rebellion was to bring Jesus to trial and insure that it would end His rebellious concept of faith. And to top it off, they even enlisted the help of Pilate( a Roman Governor) of Jerusalem at the time who reluctantly went along with their plan. After all no one can come back from the dead as the Pharisees thought.

However, The Pharisees unwittingly fulfilled what was in the prophesies form the Prophets in the old testament.. Had they knew more about the old testament prophesies, they might have taken a different view of who Jesus really was but they were blind and could not see because of hardened hearts and jealousy.

Jesus ( the Son of God) died that Friday on the cross not because of the Pharisees but to forgive us of our sins as the ultimate sacrifice knowing full well that he would rise again and be at the side of God as our intercessor. The curtain in the temple was ripped apart, there was a rumbling of the earth,The angels in heaven were silent, and God spoke not. Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb and the boulder was rolled against the opening with Roman soldiers standing guard.

That fateful morning His followers came to the tomb to cleanse Jesus' body with spices but the tomb was open and the guards were gone. Jesus' body was also missing from the tomb. At the tomb stood two men in shining garments and asked the followers why seek the living among the dead? He is not here but has risen. Remember what He said while in Galilee. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of Jesus was also among the followers. They rushed to tell the apostles of what they had witnessed.

Jesus had indeed risen from the grave and lived again. In fact Jesus appeared to the disciples and His followers numerous times as well as bestowing the Holy Spirit on them to start their Christian ministry as witnesses not only to His Ascension but to His words of truth.

So lets look at the ramifications of this event. With the exception of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead after 3 days, I don't recall of any one in this day and time with our high tech science being able to do that super natural type of event. Yes this event was super natural, super powerful, God inspired, and hard for many to comprehend even to this day. Yet there were witnesses to this event. People that were commissioned by Jesus in person after his death on the cross to go forth to spread the gospel to the multitudes.How greater is it to have faith and believe in this event and with what was promised for the future.

That one action with Jesus rising from the grave and lived again set forth a movement that encircled the globe from a humble beginning to become what is called Christianity today so that ones seeking God and His loving grace can find it through Jesus Christ.

In Scriptures, there are 1000 prophesies. Over 600 have already been filled and we are heading into the times that more will be filled. Can you take heart that His words are truth and the way to everlasting life in Heaven as a follower of Jesus Christ?

I pray that all can take a moment to reflect on what happened in those times that changed the world and our future. Praise God and Happy Easter.


photogr said...

What I am trying to say is Easter is not all about the Eater bunny and easter eggs.

It is about Jesus dying for our sins and then defeating death to live again. To go forth to prepare a place in God's kingdom for you and me so that all that believe will be with Him for eternity. What love God has for His children that he would sacrifice His own Son for our sins then raise Him from death to live on into eternity.

We all can experience that gift by only believing and accept Jesus as Our saviour. No qualifications are needed. You don't have to be holy, rich, or influential. Sinners are also welcome. He accepts all that believe in Him and repents of their sins. Can you find it in your hearts to let Him in and guide you in your life's struggles untill He comes to take up His church and you into God's Kingdom?

Gene Haddock said...

Great post, Photogr!

Have a blessed Easter.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Totally agree with your thoughts here Larry. Especially love the paragraph of how with all our modern science we have not been able to duplicate that type of event. Well done and thanks for reminding me of the passion of Easter.

photogr said...


Thanks for dropping by. Great to hear from you again. There was so much more that I wanted to say but time constraints kept it short and to the point.
You have a wonderful Easter too.


photogr said...


Thanks. I really didn't feel good about how I presented my Easter message. I felt I missed out on mentioning many other stories that would relate to this glorious day. Basically I highlighted some of the events hoping there would be a message in what I posted.

Have a glorious Esater.

photogr said...


Thanks for droopping by. I do hope to keep it going.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

Happy Easter Larry - hope it was a meaningful day for you!

photogr said...

Happy Easter to you Charlie. Yes it was meaningful. Not only with the family gathering but also the day it represented.