Friday, April 8, 2011


Why me? During my wanderings this evening, I was urged to pull into the Walmart shopping center and noticed a lady in her 40s looking rather weak and devastated holding the typical sign that says "Please help me. I am homeless and need food money". Any thing will help.

Then I heard a voice that said to pull over and park. The wife looked at me rather puzzled but she also spotted the lady. We watched her for a minute or two then the wife said we need to help her. I agreed. I got out of my car and walked up to her and startled her. The wife was behind me and the wife said the Lord will take care of you. Don't be afraid. Then the voice ( God) said to me to give her ten times what she has in her pocket. I asked her if she was getting much help and she replied not much and she said she had only $4.00 tightly clutching it and showing the money to me. That wasn't enough to put gas in her car and pointed over to an old Chevy Cavalier that had seen better days.

I then said that I am sure the Lord told me to give you ten times what you have in money now. She looked at me in amazement as I pulled out the money and put it in her hands. With this offer she began to fall to her knees crying and thanked me but I said to thank God as he is looking out for you and loves you. We normally do not pay attention to people standing on street corners begging for money but you were different. The Lord intervened for you. She said through her tears thank God my prayers were answered. She went on to say that she was praying for the amount I gave her so she could get gas for the car and food for a few days.

We found out she has been living out of her car since she lost her apartment last month and this was going to allow her to get gas and buy food as she hasn't eaten the last two days. We also gave her a card for a local church that has a food pantry and may be able to find shelter for her too. As we were walking away she asked how can she repay us which was a surprise? I said you just did. Keep the faith in God and go the that church pantry. They can help physically and spiritually too. As we drove a way the disparity in her face appeared to be fading as she waved at us . We prayed that she can get help and find solace

This is a sample of how much of a push over I am for those that truly appear to be needy. My heart goes out to them. I only wished I could do more for them, but my finances are strapped just like every one else but if the Lord say give, I follow His guidance.

Why is it that we are the richest nation on earth and our own people are on the streets begging for hand outs due to hardships. Our own government dishes out billions of dollars each year in hand outs to other countries. Why not take care of our own first? Why aren't the churches reaching out to those that are like this lady that has an honest hardship instead of waiting for them to come in for help. To be effective in this type of ministry, I would imagine we need to wander out side of the church to see where they are and show our love for the down trodden and help them back up onto their feet.

Yep. I am a patsy for those that are less fortunate. My heart goes out to them.


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

great story! It's a shame that so many con artists have taken away legitimacy from people like this woman (having worked in homeless shelters for nearly 4 years I do know many people who fly signs that say hungry yet are staying at a homeless shelter that gives them 3 meals a day).

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Sorry my friend. I don't think it is that you are a patsy for the the needy. I think it is a sensitivity to the Lord. Lots of people have a sensitivity to the needy but it will not lead to what you & your wife did. You did what you did because you listened to the voice of God. Well done Larry.

photogr said...


The interesting part of this seeing people standing on the side of the road is not every one touches me to stop.

This particular case, I was led to show compassion. Other times, I get no messages. Maybe in those times it was not a true person that was needy. Perhaps I have the gift of discernment and not know it.

photogr said...


I see a lot of druggies doing this just begging to get their next fix from the unsuspecting good natured people that feel sorry for them.

It is true some that are staying at homeless shelters are also pan handling for money to buy???

Usually, I just pass these types buy with out a thought.

However,there are a few times I get a certain feeling and stop and observe their actions. If I get a message or an urging, I will stop and help.

Some people are too proud to ask for help. In her case it was desperation, living out of her car, and prayer that brought me to her.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Good job Larry!

The Christian life is about hearing God and doing it. Nothing more, and nothing less!

photogr said...

Thanks David.

It is encouraging to hear from you. However, I imagine you might want to take it easy for a while longer.