Monday, June 8, 2009

ACLU tries to block prayer at Pace High School

This recently happened at the graduation ceremony at a high school near my home town as reported by Human Events.

Way to go Class of 2009. Let your actions speak loudly to the ACLU that you cannot be stopped in your words of faith.

Despite threats from the ACLU, 400 students in Florida broke protocol during a graduation ceremony.

During a recent graduation ceremony at Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida, nearly 400 graduating seniors stood and recited the Lord's Prayer. The American Civil Liberties Union had previously filed a lawsuit against the school because they alleged that the principal asked the athletic director to bless a meal at an awards ceremony. The graduation prayer was recited in protest of the lawsuit.

Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel says many of the students were upset over the attack on free speech by the ACLU. "The ACLU had actually threatened the school that they would be in trouble with the court if any student or any kind of religious message was given at this particular graduation. They did not want any student to say anything religious, or no prayer," he explains. "The students would not take this sitting down, and they decided to fight back." The ACLU contends that something should have been done to stop the students from reciting the Lord's Prayer. Staver says his organization will defend any students if action is taken against them.

Liberty counsel is currently defending the principal in regards to the previous lawsuit.

In my own thoughts this was a great way to stand up and rebuke the ACLU. I would imagine this action represented the vast majority of the students graduation class at Pace High School.

Actually what right does the ACLU have going on school property and dictate to the students what they can and cannot do? The majority ruled this day and the ACLU was over ruled. I would imagine the ACLU will probably spend thousands of the tax payers money to track every student down and sue them for expressing their God given right to freedom of speech and religion.

It is high time we as Americans stand up to these so called speaking for America groups and let our voice be heard loud and clear.


eaglegirl said...

Praise God those students took a stand for God and against the ACLU. That is so awesome to hear.

photogr said...

Eagle Girl:

My home town ( Pensacola Florida)is a pretty Christian based community and they don't think too kindly of out side sources ( ACLU) dictating what they can say or do in the religion department.

From what My Brother in law ( layman Minister) told me, this came about from an athiest family that complained to the ACLU to take action after an awards ceremony at the school . The way I see it, one family complaining dose not make the majority rule.

BTW. I am being called to start up a small group. One of the issues I am quite passionate about is the Rapture.

If you look at the current trend in world views, it would seem we are quickly approaching those times. It may happen in our life time but it may not. Only God knows the time table but I am certainly going to be ready.

eaglegirl said...

Good for you in starting up a small group. Wow, the Rapture, that can be challenging. What, with Pre- Trib, Mid-Trib
and Post-Trib.
Me I am Pretribulation, from my Baptist roots.
The times are sure pointing to the time when our Saviour returns. Come quickly Lord Jesus !
Btw, I want to invite you to join our online Facebook prayer group. Most people are from Iowa, David J is on too.
There is about 40=50 people, you send requests and pray for the ones you get.
We have some great victories! If you do, email me at and I can get you set up. God is on the move, even on Facebook !
The amount of requests are not overwhelming and tend to come in spurts.
Blessings and good nite

dsjohndrow said...

The ACLU is to law, what hypocrites are to Christianity.

Good job, Larry and the class of 2009.

photogr said...

Eagle girl :

I will in time. I am taking it slowly getting back on other groups till I can figure out how I got hacked by Script Kiddies.

Yep there are many theories of when the Rapture will start.Quite a challenging venture. One of the reasons why I felt led about doing it.

photogr said...


The sad part about the ACLU is the American tax payers are paying for their antics thus they have unlimited funds to carry out their activities.

I would have to do some research but I had read some where that some of their directors are memers of the Humanist movement and support that movement which wants to take God out of America.

Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm all for prayer, but after I had been forced to quit that hellhole high school because of closedminded ignorance to my bisexuality I think they get whatever is coming to them. It's karma I say karma

photogr said...


Sorry for taking so long to reply but I over looked a new post.

Did you attend Pace High School?