Sunday, June 28, 2009


For 40 days after Jesus resurrection, He appeared to his disciples many times and spoke of their new commission. One named Thomas said he would believe He has risen if only he could touch the wounds. Jesus appeared to Thomas at one of the meetings and guided his hands over His wounds. Thomas was so moved that he immediately started out to spread the "Good News" and it was said he went to India. (John 20:19-31).

At the end of the 40 days Jesus had met them on a mountain top where the disciples had many questions to ask of Him. As he was rising up into the heavens He stated " lets discuss how you will receive the Holy Spirit. How you will go forth and proclaim the "Good News" till the ends of the earth, baptising the believers, casting out demons, using you gift of tongues, and laying your hands on the sick". " Go to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit." His work on Earth was done. He was leaving. He left everything in their hands. It was up to them.( Mark 16: 15-20)

For a short time in Jerusalem, nothing happened. The disciples prayed daily and praised God then the Spirit came over them then their quest began. They took up the cross to bear witness of Jesus. Jesus left it all in their hands to spread the "Good News".

I also think the message Jesus left for them also applies to us as the modern day disciples. Did He expect us to just sit around and wait for His next comming? I don't think so. It is our commission to continue spreading the "Good News". Our job is naturally easier as we do have the Scriptures as our second witness to His Words. No we should not be waiting for Him. He is waiting for us to get going. What is holding you back?

Just as we have to work to provide a living and support ourselves, we also have to work to spread the "Good News"about Jesus. Who have you won to Christ lately? Are you setting an example with your actions so that others will want to be like you and desire Gods grace? Are you just going to church weekly and singing praises then going back to the normal routine after Sunday with out even thinking about Jesus till next Sunday?

There are three things that I feel every believer should be doing in a church. Fellow ship with in the church, worshiping God as our divine creator and Jesus as Our saviour, and serving with in the church to bring others to God and Jesus. Now this doesn't mean fellowship with only the members but also to ones that come in off the streets seeking answers ( no room for click groups). Worshiping only God and Jesus by Singing praises, hearing the scriptures and reading the scriptures frequently. Serving in the church that will bring more to Christ. I am not talking about serving the church but serving the Lord that will win more to Him.

So how do you stack up so far? No I am not condeming others but I wanted to give you an idea to base your progress. We have a book that is the most powerful and influential book ever written ( the Bible). You might say it can be used as an instruction manual in leading you in the paths and ways the Lord wants you to follow. I can assure you it will not lead you in the wrong direction. You can put your faith and trust in this Holy book as the absolute truth.

It is all up to you now.


eaglegirl said...

Wow, so many good points Photgr. "Does he expect us to sit around and wait for His next coming ?" Of course not.
Even if we are limited in what we can do to serve, as I am, we can still be used by God.
First. like you said being a worshiper of our God. And I do find that the right music helps me to focus on Him.
Then we can do what we can, while we can, where we are.
I once heard of a missionary from long ago who I think went to India. After she got there or even before she became so ill she could not do the 'usual' mission work.
But she could pray and intercede for other missionaries. That became her ministry.
Wow, I did not know that Thomas went to India. What a place in need. What with Hinduism having tons of gods and needing to know the one an true God.

photogr said...


Thanks. On Thomas,I don't think you will find it in the bible as I have not. I did pick up on it in another text about Thomas. I will have to count it as true as it came from a Catholic Priest. It does seem odd that Thomas was not ever mentioned again after Jesus met with him to show the proof of his resurection.

I don't think we are limited as far as serving. We have the most high tech machine sitting right in front of us that can give us unlimited access to serving the Lord. I call it internet evangelism. The new frontier for God.

In future times this may well be (I fear) the only way that the Good News is spread through out the world or heard.