Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In the never ending always expanding universe, there is no end.

This is the Cats Eye Chandra ( courtesy of the Hubble Telescope). An exploding super sized sun ( or star) that died a violent death probably a hundred million years ago I am guessing. It is only recently that this action was recorded for our eyes here. The size of this explosion would have taken up most of our galaxy if it happened near us. What we are seeing actually happened that far back in time. It took that long for the light to travel to us so what we are witnessing today was what happened that far back in time based on the speed of light as a rule. In the universe, time is a constant never ending measure that has only a beginning and no known ending. It always was and always is infinitely.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and filled it with wondrous and amazing sights. There were stars, other worlds, and galaxies formed with may wonders and objects. Out of all this organized chaos, he created one world that we know of that could sustain life as we know it in His likeness. That was Earth. Our temporary home. Although we have yet to find another world like ours, we can only consider this is the work of God creating a place for our carbon based lifeforms to grow, mature, and procreate. Just as we marry in love and procreate other life forms in our likeness to love, nurture, and guide so did He as our all divine Father who loves us as his children.

As with our own children, He guides us with love and chastises us when we wander away from the flock. He gave us the mind to think and create and gave us choices to follow Him or not. All the while always giving us love in hopes we will return the love and worship Him as the divine Father and creator. He showed us many miracles and many scriptures to use as a guide. He sent us prophets to testify His words and truths. He sacrificed his only Son to free us of our sins and offered all a place in the house of the Lord for eternity if we repented from our sins and worship Him. He offered us choices, He did not forcefully demand our love and worship. We have a choice although the alternative is not very pleasant.

He opened up the universe and heavens for us to see, He gave us advanced knowledge to become creative, He gave us technology to make a better life for all, He opened up our minds to explore the sciences, and he wanted us to know He is the one true God filled with love. All that He ask in return was to believe in Him and spread His word as the absolute truth so that many more can dwell in the House of the Lord for all eternity.

Is the Cats Eye Chandra really an extension of the Eye of God? I don't know. I think it is a sign that He brought forward for us to see that His prophesy of opening up the heavens to miraculous signs of His power and super natural abilities is coming to frutition as it was predicted.


klvalus said...

That is an excellent photo, photo...

Good things to ponder.

photogr said...


Thanks for commenting . I appreciate it. I am honored.

Yes it is. Some day you will understand too. All the years I studied science and researched theories, I was led back to divine creation as the primary cause of our existence and the existence of the universe.

The laws of science and physics follow an orderly and planned function. Creation and function by chaos and chance evolution cannot be proven or factual. Many scientist today are going back to and accepting the theory of divine intervention alluding that it is what we call God.

dsjohndrow said...

To be in the hand of God, what an amazing thought. And to see this vapor of life become another without end. Hallelujah!

photogr said...


It is trully is an amazing thought.

As the flower bloom withers and dies, it produces more seeds to fall to the ground and germinate to produce another crop of blooms for another season. So as it is in the vast endless universe controled by the same principle.

Only a supreme being ( God) could have created all this in an orderly manner.

We are only begining to trully understand the ramnifications of where and who we are in the universe.