Saturday, July 4, 2009


Tony Stewart wins an action packed race in the final lap. Kyle Busch pulled ahead of Tony in the last two laps but Kyle was bumped and spun by Tony when he pulled down in front of him with a blocking strategy just yard from the finish line. Apparently Kyle did not know Tony was that far advanced in the right lane. All it took was a bump that put Kyle Busch into the wall and then a massive impact with the #9 car of Casey Kahne ramming him in the rear end followed by the #20 car of Joey Logano T- boning him. This one involved several cars as the climatic "big One".
All through the race, Stewart swapped the lead with Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush but was always able to retake the lead. His pit stops were flawless and his pit crew got him out in first most of the night during the cautions which saw Mark Martin go out early in the race. One of the "big ones" took out about 10 cars with Jeff Gordon included but he was able to return with a twenty eighth place finish.
Jimmy Johnson finished second despite after a miscue in the pits and an ill handling car most of the race which only came into contention late in the race. Denny Hamlin finished third. Carl Edwards was fourth and Kurt Busch finished out the top five. Marcos Ambrose the rookie Aussie driver from Down Under finished sixth. All in all, this was one of the more exciting races of the year.
Although Kyle Busch had his bell rang three times in that final lap crash, he was able to get out of the car under his own power and walked back to the pits before the emergency crew forced him to go to the track hospital for a check up. I think with the way NASCAR designed this car, This crash is an excellent testamonial of the chances of a driver surviving a serious crash. With the car sliding across the finish line, he finished fourteenth.
This is Tony Stewart's third win of the season as a team owner of Stewart Haas Racing and is currently leading in the chase points. Lets hope this is a turn around for Tony on his race to a third championship.


Gene Haddock said...

Excellent recap, Photo.

Kyle was completely at fault in the last lap crash. It was a pretty good race overall. And that was an exciting finish.

photogr said...

Gene I have to agree. He should have had the spotter alert him to Tonys location. Glad he wasn't seriously hurt.

jon_464 said...

Photogr, good recap of the race. Busch cost himself a win. While Stewart had a run on him from the outside, I don't think there was enough real estate to overtake Busch.

photogr said...


Not that close to the finish. Kyle threw this race away with a bad move.

klvalus said...

I just finished watching the race -- I dont know if it was the allergy meds I am on or what but I had a hard time staying awake.

Pretty much the Stewart/Hamlin show for most of it until Kyle did his hummingbird impression and got whacked by the freight train behind him.

I am sure we will be hearing about JJ and Chad complaining about Smoke et al again after this one.

photogr said...


Hard time staying awake? Sounds more like NASCARAMENICTITUS ( can't stay awake during a race).

I think on the post race interview JJ alluded to that fact and I thought Jeff Gordon was a whinner.

What I saw of JJ during the race, he was not the dominate car or driver until the end of the race.

klvalus said...

Thats EXACTLY what I had! LOL

BTW -- Tez has made it over...

HotfootLori said...

Can't disagree at all. Kyle needed to be smart there and he wasn't. Glad he was able to walk away after the melee.

Yay Smoke!!!

Forensic2 blog said...

Photogr is back< ok not back of Fox and can't blame you. It took me more or less 2 days waiting to load frame by frame and SYMT. This week I am driving your car in your honor you big hairy one. Yeah thats right in a
Great blog and look forward to reading many more.


photogr said...


I was glad too but he looked like he got his bell rang a bit.

photogr said...


Now I am honored. Just don't wreck it.
Let me know where you post the article.

SpeedBeagle said...

Great run-down! Have you added to my list

photogr said...

Thanks Speed Beagle. I will add you to my list too. I probably will not be posting on Fox any more since I have expanded this site to include post about NASCAR. If you click on the gorilla behind the drums in the followers part you will see I have a link for NASCAR as well as spiritual musings.