Saturday, July 25, 2009


As a young child Living in Pensacola Florida way back then, I can remember the weekly Saturday drive to down town with my mom and dad to do our shopping and the ritual stop at Walgreens for a great milk shake or malt ( yes Walgreens did have a soda counter). On the corner of Palifox Street and Garden St. There was always an evangelist standing on the street corner preaching damnation to all sinners and we will burn in Hell if we didn't repent. Sometimes people would stop and listen but mostly most would ignor him in his sermon. As a young lad (about 5or 6),I would stand and listen for a bit waiting for the police officer to motion for pedestrains to walk across the street. It seemed like a real bleak picture he was painting. I asked my mom and dad what all this meant and why did God want to send every one to the "bad" word. Considering my age, I never really got an answer that I could comprehend except that was where bad people went when they died or little boys that did not mind their parents. That got my attention.

Over the years I thought about that but I never found that curse as I began reading the bible as an adult. I often wondered if that street evangelist won many over to Christ with those scary words. I read a statement from a book by evangelist Bill Bright (God has a wonderful plan for your life). I wonder if the street evangelist from so long ago started his preaching with that same statement if more would have stopped to listen?

God does have a wonderful plan for our lives. You can read it in the bible any place you look. God did not want us to believe any thing else but what He put down in words as the truth in prophesy, his love, and guidance. It was all meant to instill in us what the future holds for us if we only returned His love and worship Him as our creator. He even sacrificed His only son for our sins and set forth the new commandment through Jesus of love one another as we would love Him. To forgive others as He forgives us for our sins. To judge not others least we be judged. The prophesies that Jesus and his apostles spoke of and what is written in the Old and New Testament was put there for a reason. For us to know the truth and what awaits us as we become believers in Jesus and praise God.

In the prophesy of the end times you have Deuteronomy 18:17-19, Micah5:2, Psalm 41:9, Daniel12:4, John, Matthew, and Revelations. As you study these passages, You will come to realize that God has set forth a guide as what is to happen before the return of Jesus Christ to rule over the new Heaven and New Jerusalem. First though, Jesus will come to gather up His chruch and believers to save them from the tribulations that will be released on earth and the non believers.

Even in those times God shows his love by giving others the time to repent and accept Jesus as their Saviour. Sadly though many will reject His offer and fail to realize the grace they have refused. Still God will give out His love and offer more opportunities to repent before the second comming Of Jesus at the end of the tribulations. Far greater it is to be called up by Jesus during the rapture and miss the comming times.

Only then will we know the tremendous power and glory that The Lord will have in store for us. Read the Bible. It is all there waiting for you to discover. Then you can make the chioce. Do not delay, the time is short.

God does have a wonderful plan for our lives if we will only believe.


Anonymous said...

Photogr.....Across the highway from my home now was a farm when we were young. Next to the farm was a small church with a neon green sign in front that said JESUS SAVES. My uncle owned the farm and was the pastor of the church. On Saturday, we played all day on the farm. On Sunday, we slept in, partly because we'd went to the Athens Speedway the night before (lol) and partly because he SCARED THE HELL OUT OF US! The wrong spirit and you've lost everyone, yelling and not explaining is a big turn-off, and rules and regulations are a hindrance. It takes a heart conversion first then God says He'll renew our mind. I'm glad you're here.

volfan69 said...

I very much agree with you. Scare tactics never worked with me. I honestly think it is always a personal relationship between the believer and the Maker that matters most. HE knows the thoughts in our mind and the faith in our heart.

photogr said...


That is so true. Being of the flesh we can probably be considered sinners BUT Jesus paid the price for our sins and saved us. It is our comission to resist temptation and lead others to Christ all the while maintaining not fear but love for Gods grace.

photogr said...


Granted in the old testament there were several prophesies alluding to Gods wrath should his people fail to repent from sin. Most of the cases His chosen ones did repent and were spared damnation. The times they didn't, they were desecrated but He gave plenty of warnings and chances. Much like you do with your children when they are unrully. Through your love of them, you warn them of their consequences before you hand out punishment.

Yes it is through Jesus we actually learn of the Grace God has for all of us if we only believe. The bible speaks more of salvation and love than damnation but there is the warning just in case for those who fail to understand his message.

We are being offerd eternal life if only we would believe. Considering the prophesies in the bible ( over 500) have came true, we can only be assured the rest are the absolute truth and will come to pass for those who believe.