Tuesday, July 7, 2009


What are the gifts? How do we know if we have any? Who gets the "Gifts"? Why?

This is new territory for me and I am only beginning to understand their implications. Every one has talents or gifts of some sort to one degree or another. I will try to cover the spiritual gifts that are given by our Lord and there are many. Actually more than I can cover in a short article. The Apostle Paul covered the gifts in his letters to his followers and set a guideline of the processes. As we become Born Again believers, we all have the possibility of being given certain gifts to help in the service of the Lord. Some have the gift of a pastor and become ministers. Others have the gift of teaching, evangelism, healing, knowledge, leadership, missionary, prophesy, worship, and tongues. There are more too but am limited for space to list them all.

The knowledge of gifts have only recently began to flourish in the Churches over the last 30 years. I believe the beginnings can be traced back to 12/31/1900 when Charles Parhan laid his hands on Agness Ozman then she began speaking in tongues. For decades this practice was only found in the Pentecost movement but it has expanded to other faiths and has gained acceptance in all faiths over the years. Thus enter the Charismatic movement from 1960

Through God's grace the Holy spirit passes out the Gifts to all believers. Some may have 2 or more or only one. We are all baptised by water when we come into the faith but the Holy Spirit baptises us with his power to have the gifts but it is up to us to discover these wonderful gifts during our journey in faith. With this knowledge you too can begin your journey to learn of your gifts. Although for many years the churches has held a position that the gifts were only from the beginning of Christianity and for only the apostles, more are accepting the fact that all believers have the ability to possess the gifts as part of service to God.

How do you know if you have any gifts? Discuss this with your minister and group leaders, write down any unusual circumstances in your faith, ask and ask again, explore, pray, and be aware of your actions. Do you get passionate when talking about the scriptures and others are spellbound with your words? Do you hear a small voice telling you about some one you have never met? Do you feel compelled to pray for some one ill and they get better? If some one broke out in tongues do you understood what they were saying? Do you have a passion singing songs of faith? Do you sense an illness in a person even though they have not told you yet? Have you prayed with some one and led them to God? Do you teach a subject and inspire others with your words? Do you go out of your way to help others in need? These are just a few questions that will get you started in learning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Why? The answer is obvious. It is one of the parts of serving the Lord and winning others to Christ. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you be doing for the rest of your life on this earth? More to come. In my second part, I will dig deeper into what I feel or think about gifts. This may take some time as I have only begun to understand the ramifications of this issue on how it relates to us as humans spiritually, super naturally, and physiologically.


jon_464 said...

Photogr, good post. I'm slowly starting to find my spiritual bearings again. It's a process that one goes through involving counsel from men of faith, prayer, and holding oneself accountable to a mentor, like Timothy held himself accountable to Paul in the New Testament.

eaglegirl said...

jon 464, I agree what you said about a mentor. But over the years I have come across few.
I think churches would be wise to actually adapt mentorships. The small groups I have gone to have not really done that. It may end up that the small group leader is not equipped for that either.
I pray that you find who and what you need to get your spiritual bearings back.

RLGuido said...
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RLGuido said...

It is very nice to find you here. Your thoughts and feelings are meaningful.

Bless you and thank God for his gifts to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Photogr....I'm going to get to take that trip to Savannah, GA this weekend that I talk about in my blog. We lived there briefly. I want to sell this and go back. I needs God's direction and the Holy Spirit is someone who I've depended on since back in the 80s even in my 20s when I was losing babies every other year, He is the only Comforter I had. I hope while I'm away for the first time since my Dad died, I can get my thoughts together and hear God again. Thanks for writing.

photogr said...

Thanks to all. I have expanded this site to include NASCAR in a seperate site too. You can click on the gorilla behind the drums to show the links for NASCAR and my spiritual thoughts ( Photogr Thinks)

photogr said...


It seemed for a while, they were at odds with things but they settled their differences in the end.

photogr said...


In my experience at Vineyard, I think very few if any have the mentoring capacity when it comes to the Gifts ( at leat I haven't found one yet). Thus the begining of this article.

photogr said...


I know it made a difference for me and yes we all can share in the gifts that the Lord so freely gives for those that believe.

photogr said...


DOn't worry, He through the Holy Spirit is always with you waiting patiently.

dsjohndrow said...

If we are to earnestly desire then gifts, then we can begin the journey. Romans 12, Ephesians 4 and 1 Cor 12 are good places to start. It would great to have a teacher, but better to have humility.

Good start my friend.

photogr said...


Yes humility is most important when dealing with gifts. I have studied Pauls letters and other books now about gifts but still it does carry a great deal of responsibility. Definitely one who has interest in gifts must seek out a mentor well versed in this issue.

It is better not to profess having gifts rather than boast of having the gifts.

eaglegirl said...

Just a thought here about 'the gifts', yes we need to treat them properly, but we do not need to be afraid of them.
I think I am sensing some of that here. Like dsjohndrow reminds us, we are to earnestly seek the gifts.
And I will add that one can start the journey of seeking the gifts with joy and excitement.
And of course humility is important also, as was pointed out.
I tend to think that humility is more of a problem with those who know they have a gift or two and might get 'puffed up' about it.
And since the 'gifts of the Spirit' are gifts from God I will take the liberty and quote this verse from the book of James chapter 1 verse 17; "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change, like shifting shadows."

photogr said...


Not really a fear but curiousity and a hesitation to profess having a gift or gifts. The big clevat is what if you are wrong or are shown to be a fake. That can be embarasing. Oral Roberst comes to mind.

Yes I am certainly facinated by the gifts and would be estatic should I relly have one but I do not want to be a mentor or profess having gifts. Too much responsibility but I want to have the knowledge.

Does that make any sense??

Tevet said...

I really like how you posted questions to the reader encouraging them seek out their gifts.
When I first was around the Gifts, I was expecting to operate in the magnitude of Paul, Peter, Smith Wigglesworth or John G. Lake. I had to learn that the Gifts grow just like our Faith, first the blade, then the head and then the kernel. Mark 4:28

photogr said...


I am honored that you visited. In my experiences with the gifts.

It is like a young child learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. You are falling off and not very steady. As you grow and continue to practice you become more steady and proficient in riding that bicycle. So it is with the gifts too.