Monday, July 27, 2009



His name is David. I have never met him face to face but I know him. His stories will bring a chuckle to your mind. His thoughts are deeply faith based. His accomplishments are many in service to the Lord. His words can be inspiring to believers. His knowledge is one of the gifts from the Holy Spirit. A true believer in the works and miracles of the Lord.

Just by a random chance I happened to arrive on his site a while ago and I have visited frequently since then. We have exchanged emails discussing the bible and other issues. He encouraged me in researching the Spiritual Gifts. He encouraged me in not giving up in my desire to do evangelical work. I consider him a friend.



Tsfanpc said...

Larry, don't give up on going into the ministry. My dad always had a notion that he was suppose to go into missionary work. But because he was worried that he would have to go overseas, he never went through with the education to become one.

He is now today doing a type of missionary work today in many of the churches locally and in North Carolina. He and my mom have finally found a new home church. And they both have been welcomed with open arms. And he is doing a great missionary work for that church and its people.

He started going to other churches throughout our home state, and the churches started asking him questions about the Bible and before he knew it, he had found his calling.

photogr said...


I haven't. I had what I thought was a calling many years ago but I was too obsessed with material things back then and wasn't following the scriptures ( sinning and doubting for lack of a better word or words).

It certainly sounds like your dad has found his gift in missionary work. That is certainly encouraging and great that he has the opportunity to serve the Lord.

Over the last few years, that calling came back again. This time it was like the Lord through the Holy Spirit was beating me over the head to get my attention and He got it.

Don't know if I possess the gift of pastoring but I do feel strongly about evangelism. Thus the internet evangelist site I am doing here.

Hopefully some day when I have mastered evangelism, I may be called to take it on the road speaking at different churches. But for now the internet calling seems to be where I am called to work.

Thanks for dropping by. I am honored.

David said...

Thanks for the kudos Larry-- my friend. You keep on studying, and caring-- God will use that.

You are doing a great job, and I can tell by the comments that you are reaching folks, and causing them to think about Jesus, how they act, and how they reach out. That's a gift.

May blessings, Larry.


photogr said...

Thanks David.

You know how much I desire the knowlwedge of the gifts.

It means a lot to me to hear your guidance.