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What makes this male Wood Duck have the vibrant colors and why does it fly? Science will tell you it was an evolutionary process that took billions of years. We are told by scientist it probably evolved from a single cell protoplasm. The key word here is "it probably" as alluded by scientist. Regrettably, for some reason science cannot actually for a fact state this was a descendant of this or that dinosaur. Although DNA signatures are some what similar, there is no positive proof this happened. Just purely speculation. So how did this creature get it's signature coloring and possess the ability to fly?

Enter the Homo Sapiens (us). Science has not been able to actually link us to the Cave man species. They were still around when "Us" appeared on the earth about 10,000 years ago they think. Science is at odds as to where we came from and actually when. Our DNA is different from the Cave Man but yet somewhat similar. Not enough to link us to their pool of genes just like the Wood Duck cannot be linked to the dinosaurs as fact. Sadly early man did not have the capacity to record history yet so we have a lot of lost history and can only speculate there too since the book of Genesis was written a few thousand years later by Moses.

In Genesis, God created the heavens and earth. He created all living things in the sky and in the sea. He also created human beings in His image to go forth and multiply. When He created the Garden of Eden and all the creatures as well as the fruits and plants, He also created Adam from the soil of the earth in His image. Also Eve was created from Adams rib to be his companion to help in maintaining Eden and give companionship to Adam.

Now this is where we have some confusion in Genesis 1 and 2 depending on which Bible we read. Did God create man in his image for man to go fourth and multiply the species then he created the Garden of Eden and put Adam and Eve in this garden with all the resources for survival at their disposal including the tree which had the fruit of knowledge? Well we all know what happened after that. In Genesis chapters 3 and 4, the story continues but raises another question. It appears there were other humans in the world besides in Eden as I understand it.

This is the area that I will start speculation of what I understand of the scriptures in Genesis. Granted God created the heavens and earth along with man but in Eden He created an area which was self sustaining and created Adam and Eve as His chosen humans to live in Eden. This may well have been the beginning of the chosen ones ( Hebrews) that worshiped the one true God. There is no recorded history of what happened back then out side of the garden. It appeared Adam and Eve as well as their descendants lived lengthy lives as stated in Genesis chapter 5.

There has been scientific speculation that the earth was covered by a water barrier in the higher atmosphere in those day which protected harmful UV and other rays entering the atmosphere which might have provided longevity to life on earth. This theory is inconclusive as far as I know.

As we further look at science in dealing with the Bible we will consider the birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary. Science tells us that this is impossible or is it? Lets consider today we can have a woman become pregnant by artificial insemination by only planting the sperm of a male donor with out contact in a normal manner. If we can do that today, don't you think God that created the heavens, earth, and man would also be able to easily do that same task by only willing it? We are not dealing with myths here but the truth as it is stated in scriptures.

The Holy Spirit who baptises us with His spirit by the grace of God to believers who have been baptised by water. The effects and description of this action is varied and many. Some have only felt an inner peace like no other, others have passed out momentarily, some begin speaking in ancient tongues. Some just begin a new life with a whole new personality of grace and love. Our brain is a complex processing center in which we are currently only using a small fraction of it's real potential. It is like a computer but organic and alive with programs that allow us to function automatically. Some are blessed with the ability to use more of the brain capacity but it is still small in comparison to what it's total capacity is capable of. On our computers, when we install a new program we are told to reboot the computer to install the new program. I think this is sort of the way the Holy Spirit works in us through some of the actions mentioned above.

What I have discussed is only speculation of my inner thoughts and I don't think it was divinely inspired but it may have been. I don't know but I was compelled to discuss it.

I do strongly feel that the Bible can be considered as factual and truthful. The Bible does have nearly 1000 prophesies in which over 500 have already come true and more are actually happening in our life time. Scientist are discovering this to be factual. One must not consider it as myth by no means but the prophesy of past times which came to pass and future times that have yet to happen. With the batting average that the Bible has one cannot take it lightly at all. Don't let scientific theories blind you to the true facts. Believe and have faith in the Lord. Your future place in the Lords house depends on it.


jon_464 said...

Photogr, God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He created the heavens and earth. While a lot of mysteries are only known to God and for us to speculate on, He put those in the Scriptures for us to have faith in God and His Word.

Tsfanpc said...

Every day man is proving that the Bible is factual. The problem is too many still refuse to see what is staring them right in the face. Very nice right up.

photogr said...


Exactly. One of the reasons I think why we do not have the full function ability of our brains. If we did, we would be like Gods our selves. Certainly not what God had planned, thankfully. I can only imagine what chaos we would create in this world over what it already has.

There are many mysteries and super natural events not yet revealed to us but in His time frame we eventually will know.

photogr said...


It took me many years to believe that my self.Only when I studied the sciences did I come to realize that the theory of evolution and Darwinism was flawed with inconsistencies. Only recently has many scientist concluded that a Divine Creator was behind the order with in the universe.

photogr said...


I do have a NASCAR blog up too in this site.

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dsjohndrow said...

Yes, when one actually studies this in a scientific manner, all that you can come up with is mutations within a species. That's it. And I am sure that god knew variations on the theme was a good thing.

Here is my take on it.

photogr said...


I enjoyed the article. There are many missing links in evolution theory and they don't exist or ever will.

However, Science can tell us much about the DNA and Genes of a particular species past and present but when Science tries to link it together in an evolutionary theory, it fails to link or connect.

Therefore, one can speculate certain species ( or all) were created by a divine creator (God)just as it is stated in Genesis.

Sadly many scientist cannot accept the creationist theory as fact so they continue running into dead ends over and over again in hopes it will connect eventually.

I would think in the end times, we will all be shown the sciences of God And believe me His technology is going to be far advanced over what we can ever comprehend

volfan69 said...

Your blogs bring me peace and comfort. Thank you for sharing with me. volfan

photogr said...


I am honored. Thanks for dropping by.

Over the most recent years I have had a passion to go into a new direction in my faith thus the internet evangelism concept here.

I haven't forgot the NASCAR group and have a seperate edition for the NASCAR fans.I still have a passion for racing too and will post my thoughts on NASCAR there.

Clicking on the gorilla drummer will bring up a page listing my two sites.

Peace and Shalom