Friday, September 18, 2009


The gift of the word of wisdom as it is rightfully called is the ability to understand what is written in the scriptures but also the ability to make the correct decision on business matters, church matters, or other stressful matters. Rather than taking on a task or action based on your own talent and mind, you ask for God's or the Holy Spirit's guidance and suggestions and allow Him to lead you in decisions. This is a manifestation of the word of wisdom. If you hear a voice or think you do telling you something completely off track of the scriptures, It probably is from the wrong spirit. Always best to ask that spirit or voice verbally if Jesus Christ came in the flesh. If you get no reply then there is something wrong with that voice or thought. I suggest reading 1 John 4:1-3 concerning testing the Spirits then read the rest of 1 John 4:4-19 which I found meaningful.

The gift of the word of knowledge I think is closely related to the Word of wisdom and possibly will show your evaluation scores fairly close to each other from the evaluation test. Knowledge of the scriptures as how it relates to an issue does take an extensive and super natural ability to quote or discuss the issues with others less informed of the scriptures. This means you have the ability to quote scriptures by memory verse by verse and apply it to an application or an issue being discussed. When it is done by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so then it becomes the truth and lives full of power and God's grace

Smith Wigglesworth once said in one of his books " The bible is a dead letter except by the spirit. Jesus did not just speak dead words but spoke words full of spirit and life. John 6:63".

I know when I read Jesus words in the New Testament, I get goose bumps every time I read them. It feels like he is in front of me talking to me directly. If that is not full of the spirit and life I don't know what is.

As many of you read the bible, you may go back over a chapter and re read a verse that wasn't too stand outish. But this time a verse pops out of the bible and grabs you that you didn't notice before. It is as if a divine revelation was given to you personally. You have just been given a part of the word of knowledge. Rejoice in that as the Holy Spirit is talking to you directly.

The gift of faith. Everyone who believes has faith in God,but how much faith do you have? If you have divine faith in God, you can move mountains or at least he can but Jesus said you can move mountains if you believe. Can you heal the sick, bring joy to the depressed, give hope to the down trodden, and bring non believers to repent? This is where the faith of God's supernatural powers comes into play through the Holy Spirit. Salvation is by faith, through grace,and it is the gift of God.

In faith you are always looking for ways to manifest the gift of faith by the Holy Spirit. It is in this vein that the Lord will operate this gift in you at any time. At the same time one who is not in deep faith in the Lord through Love, determination, and boldness in faith, that one will never possess the gift. It is always good to have a higher level of faith than most others in order for God to have His will in your service to Him.

The gifts of healing as it is properly called is probably the most powerful of all the gifts in my view and rating. Why? I don't know but it carries the most ramifications. Healing gifts are so full that they are beyond human expression or comprehension. I am fully aware of the healing stories in scriptures and marvel at this gift. I am also aware it is one that calls for divine intervention through the Holy Spirit and God. I have not ever witnessed a real healing occasion done by a believer in God or action by the Holy Spirit to one of illness. What I am trying to say is that I have not seen a healing such as a blind person walks in blind and is healed on a stage by the pastor or minister then walks off the stage able to see. It is more complicated than that.

Now I do believe in healing but at a different approach. We should all seek the attention of a Doctor for our illnesses as he is trained to understand what is needed to heal. We as believers must pray for that sick person to be healed through God's divine guidance with the Doctor as he is better equipped to discern what needs to be done. Now a person touched with divine guidance in the healing gifts and is endowed with so much faith he or she may be able to heal on the spot but I feel they may need to have some medical background in order to discern the illness to be healed. In other words one blessed with the Holy Spirit through God's grace and is at the level of disciple ship in their relationship with God. I guess here is where I fall short in my faith still as many others. This is a super natural power given to one who believes and walks in the shadow of Jesus and is Jesus like with out any doubts what so ever of their abilities. I would hope there are ones out there that can heal but I have never met them yet. I f I do, then I will know through testing them with my own illnesses.

I have touched on only a few gifts of the Holy Spirit through God's grace but they are given to all that ask for them as God wills them. Again and again I must re affirm that these are gracious gifts and must be handled with humility and reserve. Not to be used for entertainment or folly but in power and boldness if it sanctifies the Holy Spirit and God. You do not lead the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit leads you if your heart and mind is pure and true in faith to God. So then you will experience the joy and peace of one sanctified in God's grace. Never abuse these gifts or add your boast full words to any of the gifts. Only glorify God

More to come later


David said...

Good job my friend. A couple of quick points. The gifts of healing is plural and I believe that different people could have a gift for healing certain types of diseases. And, I think we should seek healing from God first, and if for some reason He decides not to, then check out a doctor.

In 1992 my eldest daughter come running into the kitchen slipping on the hardwood and squarely smashing her nose on the door frame knocking the wood putty from a coupe of nail holes. I jumped into action when I heard the Lord say, "don't panic, just pray." So, I did. Amazingly within just a moment, the peace of God fell on her, and God healed whatever damage was done in a flash. I remember telling her mother, and she didn't believe me. Then she looked in her nose and saw a hint of dried blood. Then she inspected the door casing which was knocked loose. My daughter didn't even have a bruise.

I must say I was shocked as both of them - and thankful. A sure lesson in "seek first the kingdom of God."

photogr said...


That was amazing that she had no after effects from that incident.

Here again it was the divine faith and God's grace that you possess through the Holy Spirit that saved her from the consequences of such an accident. She was fortunate that she had one close by to pray in her healing.I am positive you have the gifts. More gifts than you let on you have.I can see it in your writings and your thoughts.

Oh how I yearn for the "gifts" of healing or any of the gifts but I am decades behind you in such faith and knowledge yet. Perhaps some day.

What I do know is we cannot heal by our own powers alone.It is through our prayers to God through the Holy Spirit in our unfaltering faith and love that we can appear to heal. Yet all the while we must remain humble and edify God and the Church in our given Gifts. Not glorify ourselves but God.

eaglegirl said...

It seems to me that the Lord has given me the gifts of words of wisdom and knowledge and some in the prophetic area.
Recently in communicating with a sister in the Lord I sensed she needed something practical for her health. And she confirmed that to me.
I also felt the Lord giving me a warning about something for her, and she also confirmed it.
On prayer team recently two people were praying for a lady. I was the 3rd person there. Without even thinking I opened my mouth and asked her a question. Then all broke loose and we could really see how to pray for her.
I am not saying these things in a bragging way. I am honored that the Lord would use me.
I don't say "Thus, says the Lord". I tell the person that I think the Lord may be telling me or showing me something.
Often I get a picture in my head about something too.
Not every thing the Lord shows me is meant to be told to anyone. It may be meant to pray about.
And I love it when the Lord tells me He loves me. That is the best.

photogr said...


The one think I have discovered in my quest for knowledge of Spiritual Gifts is that you can possess many gifts from the Holy Spirit. Many seem to be corelated as a group. If you have wisdom, you more than likely have knowledge as well as faith included.

Discerning is another possibility and the list goes on. No you are not bragging but edifying the Church in the miraculous ways the Lord works. It was so great you were able to minister onto your sister in faith with her issues.

You were right in not saying " Thus says the Lord" but I feel the Lord was telling or showing me something. "Thus says the Lord" is reserved for an actual prophesy directly from the Lord.

I am so apreciative that you shared your gifts experiences with me.

I have a lot more to learn of the gifts.