Thursday, September 10, 2009


When we say we have a burning passion what exactly do we mean? What strokes the flames to keep this going? Where is it leading us? Is it desire? Is it lust? For most, this comes to mind in desire for material things, enjoying doing a pleasurable activity, or lusting after a beautiful woman or handsome man.

My question is What is a burning passion spiritually? Have you ever had one? What was the passion about? What led you to have this obsessive passion? We have all heard of our pastor in a local church that was set a fire to become a minister story. It was a compulsion led by God to star preaching the Good News. The poor fellow drops everything in his life to become a servant to God and I admire that. It takes an immense deal of commitment to do that.

What I am thinking of is the lay people ( us Christians allegedly)that gets a divine awakening ( burning passion if you will) to serve God. It has been said once the Lord smites you with a mission; nothing gets in the way to serve or proceed with that mission. Is it from fear or love of the Lord that you pursue the mission? For most believers of the faith this is a no brainer and it certainly is the case in my actions. What I have learned, the Lord is not age biased, race biased. social biased, or sex biased. He takes all to come under His grace to serve Him.

I don't know about other's passions so I will have to give you ideas about my experiences. In one way or another I had always been in a church setting as a member off and on most of my life. You know going on Sunday and the rest of the week it was tied up making a living and raising kids trying to lead a good life while lusting for material things, money, and climbing up the corporate ladder of success. I even went through a period of Darwinism, Humanism, Scientific evolution, and the Big Bang theory. I even believed that money was the only thing that could buy you happiness. You know what? I was miserable, lost, and felt life had no meaning unless I bought more material things to sooth my feelings and lusted for more money. Quite an endless cycle of despair and no passion.

I took up photography to find something that I was missing. I immediately began to find peace in Nature by observing and photographing wild life. I also found that these creatures are so related to us in their natural actions of everyday life and survival that it overwhelmed me with wonder. It was then that a still quiet voice spoke to me and said " Look what I have created with my hand and so I did mankind too." It didn't sink in at first but as I continued with my photography, I did hear more still quiet voices as I discovered more in Nature. Then one day in an approaching storm a bolt of lightening ( it felt) seemed to strike me down with the thought God created all living things out of his love including us. As I fell down to my knees some thing happened I have never experienced before. Inner peace, contentment, and joy. I looked up from eyeing the Canada Geese around me and thanked God for all the wonders of his creation.

Then the burning passion to read the bible took over and relearn the scriptures and His word. I had a few health issues and prayed for healing and more time to learn of God's word which was granted. I had what the Doctors believed was possibly Prostate Cancer. Surgery revealed no tumor and no cancer. I was convinced I had been given God's grace and a reprieve to serve and worship Him. I studied more of the bible and researched books on Christianity. I went back to church with a renewed interest and passion to serve the Lord. I wasn't content to sit in the pews and listen to the sermons. I took action and found by accident the spiritual gifts granted in God's grace by the Holy Spirit. I took test to find the Gifts I might possess. I joined small groups to practice fellowship, I began to speak up with a fiery passion about the scriptures when called upon to speak, I began to desire in earnest the Spiritual Gifts knowledge, I opened up an evangelist blog site, I became totally convicted and surrendered my self to God and serve him, I started to witness to others. Now I have a burning passion to serve the Lord God all mighty in Jesus name. Now I have joy, peace, and hope in my life here on earth. I no longer lust after material things. I have compassion for my fellow persons. I appreciate what God has done for me. Now I know.

You too can experience that same thing in your life by only accepting Jesus as your saviour and ask for forgiveness in Jesus name to God. Time is short. Do not hesitate. You don't have to earn God's grace. It is yours for the asking by only believing. God so loved us that he gave His only son as a sacrifice for our sins so that we may be forgiven as sinners. John 3:16. It will make a difference in your life.


Tevet said...

Great read, Larry! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy reading about when a person's passion for God becomes uncontainable. I also like how you described your own emptiness and broke down how Jesus spoke to you and how you responded to His love for you.

photogr said...

Thanks Dave. I appreciate your visit.

Looking back over the years, I feel the Lord has spoken to me many times but I did not listen or hear Him through ignorance or defiance.

Now He has my attention totally and look forward to his guidance through the Holy Spirit.

David said...

I love photography and made a living at if got about 5 years.

God has revealed certain truths about Himself through nature. Psalm 19:1-6 “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”

Nature revels God’s glory and that everything is so that all is made made by Him. Romans 1:18-21 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

Nature reveals existence of a powerful God. This testimony is so powerful that no person can claim that he or she knows nothing about God. Pretty amazing!

Good word, Larry.

Tsfanpc said...

photogr I remember the day I was filled with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost had been dealing with my soul for a few weeks. And the more time went by the more I could not stand it. We were in revival that week. And I had been working that day and I was so tired. But I decided that I was going to the service no matter how tired I was.

From the moment I got into my car, I began to pray. And when I got to the church, I continued to pray silently. As I sat through the service I could not stay focused on the singing, the prayers or even what was going on around. It was like I was in my own world.

There was no preaching that night. The Holy Ghost fell on that church and many got saved. But the only thing I remember was sitting there on my pew huddle in prayer. One of my former Sunday school teachers came over to me. She told me to get up. I got up. She told me to just let go. And when she did, I let go and I began to speak in tongues and I was just gone.

I don't know how long I had been under the power of the Holy Ghost. But when I did come around, the chuch was beginning to empty. Except for those around me and my family.

The first face I remember seeing was my Dad's and he was crying and praising God. It was a wonderful night. And I felt those nights many times since.

eaglegirl said...

How awesome that God used a hobby like photography to lead you to know the Lord Jesus as you personal Savior.
I am burdened to pray for the salvation of all my family members. And what a comfort to know He can use anything to bring them unto Him.
And I pray now that many people who do not know Jesus will be drawn to your site and drawn to the Savior.

photogr said...


Exactly! It was watching all that was in Nature that convinced me what God had been telling me all along and I failed to hear until that fateful day.

When I look at a colorful flower and an intricate design of colors in a butterfly or wild life, I am reminded of the glory and super natural powers that God offers to this world.Yet many fail to appreciate His works of art.

photogr said...


Keep praying for your family. Just recently one of my daughters sought out the Lord and is now going back to church to seek the peace we have attained in believing Jesus as our saviour. It does happen.

photogr said...


Praise God for your experience.You were trully touched by the Holy Spirit. When we are at our most vunerable and less likely to resist sometimes is when the Lord can easily get through to us.

The great thing about revivals is it allows the opportunity for the service to be led by the Holy Spirit not by a time table for the service as dictated by a pastor or tradition.

To speak in tongues is trully a private conversation with God through the Holy Spirit and you that only the two of you can understand.It was so wonderful that you had such an experience.

Thank you for sharing it.

photogr said...

To All:

As we become believers, our first public confirmation as believers is to have a baptism by water.This edifies you as a member in the Body of Christ. It means you have shed your old body of sin and accepted Jesus as your personal saviour who died on the cross for your sins. You are now born again in Christ Jesus.

There is a second baptism and it is the baptism by the Holy Spirit.

There are many ways to know if this happens. Sometimes it is just a gentle breath of air blown upon you. Other times it is as has been described by Tsfan. Other times it is as if you were struck with a bolt of lightning and the list goes on.

Afterwards, You life is never the same again. Then is when the burning passions begin in service to God.

Anonymous said...

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