Monday, August 31, 2009


Certainly a dark subject for most but it needs to be addressed .Scientifically speaking, this process starts when a vital organ stops functioning which leads to all the other organs becoming starved for vital oxygen and blood circulation. If not refrigerated, the body's cells begin to decompose immediately. The skin begins to loose the flesh tones and turns a pale color. The neurons in the brain begin to die off and create short circuits all through the brain with flashes of bright light as seen by the dying who have been revived. Some state they saw their body while floating in the air above their body or are led to a bright light only to be returned to their body. At that is what people say in their near death experiences.

To date, no mortal has been able to return after death of the flesh and give us any specifics as to what really happens. Only one since recorded history has ever been able to do just that. Not only did He come back to life but He left a message to his disciples to give hope to all that there is life after death. He talked to Mary as he ascended from the tomb, He passed through doors, He ate with his disciples, He showed Thomas his wounds so that he would believe, He was resurrected from death, He was Jesus the son of God in a new Holy form . He promised eternal life in a place called heaven for those that would repent of their sins and believe in Him as our saviour

What will happen to us when our body dies? We think we are good people and led a moral life so we should get to go to heaven but wait, heaven is not a place for good people. It is a place for forgiven people that believe and accept Jesus as their personal saviour and God as their Holy Father. Sorry No atheist that are good people allowed.

Lets look at what happens when it is our time to depart the sin full flesh on earth. Will we be put to sleep in our graves for a period of time before the rapture then our bodies will be called to heaven during the rapture? Does our souls or spirit go first then join up with our bodies after the rapture? It all depends on where you read this issue in the scriptures. What I have discovered is truly amazing and it is what I have come to in my conclusion through studying of the scriptures and other books.

If you read certain scriptures, you might be led to think if you die before the rapture, you may have to lay in a grave till the rapture comes or you might be buried in a grave for a thousand years, then get raised up to heaven. That is not what the scripture says. Far from it.

It is not spelled out in plain text but in that small silent voice with authority. As our bodies of the flesh dies, we are immediately raised up to heaven to be with our Father and with those that have gone before you. This is not mentioned only once in the scriptures but many times. Paul comes to mind. He mentioned this in Philippians 1:21-23, 2 Corinthians 5 :8, and Acts 7:56-59. Then there is Luke quoting Jesus on the cross. Luke 23:42-43. These four passages attest to the fact you will be raised up to heaven in spirit immediately. Your spirit will be raised up to heaven immediately but you body will be laid to rest in the grave. Your body ( flesh) dies but your spirit lives eternally with the Lord. Paul also states our bodies will be asleep but this relates to death of our bodies. not our souls or our spirits. They are already with the Lord by then and will enjoy the grace of God and living in his presence just as the Holy Spirit and Jesus. .

Ok now we have all these bodies that will be called up from the grave during the rapture. So we are in the grave till then too? NO! Absolutely not. Our bodies are like seeds planted in the soil to grow into something wonderful. A new being. A new appearance. I like to plant flowers from the seedlings I harvest every year. What grows from those seeds? If I am a good gardener, I get blooming flowers with majestic colors and beauty beyond imagination. So it will be with our bodies during the rapture. Our bodies also will unite with our spirit in heaven and we will be glorified in the likeness of the Lord Jesus with out pain, infirmities, and flaws. But yet all through this we live in His name in spirit and then in the body as a whole when the rapture appears.

What wonderful promise is laid out for us in the scriptures if only we repent of our sins and follow Jesus. What great super natural powers we will have in worshiping the Lord our Father. What peace we will have in eternity if only we ask for forgiveness of our sins and worship Him today.


Tsfanpc said...

Photogr great explaination of how the resurrection will work and what happens when death does come to the body.

This has got to be the best explaination that I have ever heard.

photogr said...

Thanks Tsfan. The wife asked me one day to clarify this for her. I did some research and it sounded like a good idea to discuss it with others that may have had concerns.

All the more reason to become a member of the Body of Christ.

Forensic2 blog said...

Great work as all ways on this. I have too agree with TSFANPC about this post. AMEN!

God bless the hairy silverbacks as well.

PS, I have been working on something for you.


photogr said...

Thanks for dropping by Forensic. UH Oh! I can imagine what you are planning.

Really this message I gave had to be told. The wife and another person asked about what happened when the body dies.

If we believe and confess our sins in Jesus name, We can all be spared the other alternative. Such a simple act but many fail to comprehend what salvation awaits them in God's grace.