Sunday, August 23, 2009


To conclude this series on the Book of Revelations, I am going to discuss God's plan for us. Reading Revelations may not be many peoples favorite Book but it has foretold what lies in store for those that fail to understand God's grace and love.

I liken it to the the parent that warns the unruly child of what is in store for them if they refuse to mind. You warn Jr. repeatedly to behave or else the wrath of Daddy will come down on them. So it is with God and his Children ( us). As a parent you love your children and do not want to see harm come to them. You protect them and hold them close to your heart always looking out for their safety. You remind them of your love for them. You remind them to be careful about wandering astray and not be swayed by ones of evil intentions. So does God with us.

As a matter of fact God laid out a survival manual for us to follow warning us in advance of what to expect and what is yet to come. What is that manual? It is the Holy Bible written over a few thousand year period proclaiming his love for us if we would only believe and have faith in Him. If you look at all the prophets and disciples writings there is one main theme. His love for his children (us). John 3:16. How much stronger can that short message convey in His caring feelings for us? The bible has all that you need to know as far as your daily living and what is considered a sin. It tells you what you must do to have everlasting life with Him. It warns you of the evil one which takes great joy in misleading you and it tells you of what to expect when Jesus comes down to gather up His church during the Rapture. It is all there for you to follow. Even during tribulations it is still showing God's pleas to the un believers trying to convince them of his love and to repent.

If you notice, there hasn't been a verifiable prophesy in nearly two thousand years. Does this mean that God has given up on us? I certainly pray that is not the case. Considering that God is being taken out of our schools and public places as well as a very heated drive to hide God from the public at any cost, I can only consider that the ones behind this movement is aware their time is short to deceive us and lead us to damnation and death permanently. With out faith and hope we are all domed and that is what the evil doers want.

With faith and hope in the Lord Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit, We are saved from the bottomless pit of death. We will become the new heirs to all that is in the new Heaven and new Jerusalem. Eternal life is ours for the taking by repenting of our sins and asking God for forgiveness in Jesus name. While we are still here on earth we must continue to serve the Lord in winning more souls to Christ. As it is stated our time is short and we must be ready when Jesus comes to take His church up to heaven. Yet there is still much to do.

Will you be ready?


eaglegirl said...

Good song, had not heard that one yet.
I believe I am ready. Thirty three years ago I gave my heart to Jesus, asking him to forgive me of my sins and repenting.
The really awesome thing for me is that the day I did that I wrote out a sort of letter saying what I did. And I still have that today.
Of course with the salvation a change in life should follow.
But those who are their death bed, like the thief on the cross still can obtain that same salvation by grace.
Come quickly Lord Jesus I say and yet I desire Him to wait until my loved ones all know Him.

Tsfanpc said...

What so many fail to realize is that the great instigator Satan still has access to Heaven to this day. He comes before the throne of God and he tells lies about each and every one of God's children.

Few people realize that. They think he is just roaming the earth. But that is only part of what he does. He has his demons to roam the earth and cause problems here. While he stands before God and tries to create problems for the children of God.

The book of Job tells us this very plainly. Job 2:1-2.

And it will only be when the Rapture takes place that Satan will no longer have access to the Kingdom of Heaven. It will be then that he will be banned to Earth.

But it will not be until after the 1000 year reign that Satan and all his will be doomed to the fire pit. And then and only then will man be free of Satan and his menions.

Tsfanpc said...

Ooops: fire pit of Hell for ever.

photogr said...


Yes it does and Satan and God tested Job to see if he would curse God as Satan predicted. Job never did. He professed his allegiance to God and did not accept his visitors suggestions of being sinful.For this Job was blessed by God and his visitors were admonished for their suggestions.

In the middle of the tribulations the evil one ( satan) was cast down to earth to do his evil bidding before he would be chained up for 1,000 years only to be allowed for a little while to deceive others before he was cast into the firey pits of hell along with his followers for eternity

photogr said...


Did you get her album yet? It is great.

Even up to the last day of the tribulations God will still call out to his children to repent and be saved. As Jesus said, "It is up to you now to go fourth through out the 4 corners of the world to spread the word of salvation. My work is finished. I am leaving now."

Also it has been noted that the evil one has also continued to deceive others by working through the non believers to do his bidding and over shadow God's word and truth.

For this we must be vigilant and aware as to not be deceived. We must be focused on one objective and that is to win souls to Christ till the very end. There is much work to do yet.

Tsfanpc said...

photogr I have really enjoyed talking with you about Revelation. It is so much like talking to my own dad about it. Thanks again.

photogr said...

Thank you Tsfan. It was my pleasure.