Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jesus transfiguration. Matthew 17.
Thanks to Bobbie for the picture.

Concerning the two witnesses that stood on a street and prophesied for 42 months, We can only imagine it was Moses and Elijah as scriptures did not elaborate who they were. In Matthew 17: 1-13 it was said to be Moses and Elijah with Jesus during His transfiguration. Read verse 11 to 13 and see who the disciples understood Elijah to be. Just something to ponder.

In the first half of the tribulation we see the anti Christ come to power over the world and raise Babylon into a world trade center for commerce and the anti Christ' center of power. He allows the Prophets to prophesize for 42 months but that is coming to an end soon. During this time the earth encounters several disasters sent by the angels trumpets from falling stars to earthquakes, fires, and bitter waters as prophesied. There were locust that came up from a bottomless pit that descended on the earth and tormented all but they were told not to harm the ones with the seal of God on their foreheads. It has been said in some books that the ones that repented of their sins during the tribulations may have also been spared as they may have the seal of God on their for heads.

More actions fell down on the earth in the form of fire that consumed 1/3rd of the earth and darkened the skies and heavens. There was a mounted army that totaled 200 million that went forth and killed 1/3rd of all the people of the earth. I can only imagine from a technical stand point that God used all the cosmic items in space to hurtle them to earth to sway the non believers into repenting of their sins but many failed again to do so. In Revelations 10:1-4 I can only wonder what was not to be repeated yet.

At this point, I am led to believe that the anti Christ was killed some how but was resurrected and this may be the point that the devil or Satan himself took over his body to rule the earth. The seven heads and ten crowns I would imagine may have been the organization of the anti Christ movement. It could be nations that bore allegiance to the anti Christ. After his Resurrection, the people left worshiped him and built a statue that could talk and demanded that all worship the beast ( statue) of face death. This is the time that all would receive the mark of the beast on the forehead or the right hand. This is also the time that ones refusing the mark were put to death in multitudes of tens of millions. The evil one also desecrated the Holy temple by shedding blood at the altar in defiance of God all the while creating his own miracles and healing.

At this point, the two prophets were murdered by the evil one ( Satan) and no one was to remove the bodies. For 3&1/2 days their bodies lay waste in the hot sun. On the last day, God breathed life back into their bodies and they arose to heaven while the unbelievers trembled in terror. All the while God was still offering His grace to the ones would repent before passing out the last 7 bowls of Gods wrath to the ones who still refused to repent. The last plagues and terrors were poured out over the earth and many suffered and begged to die for relief but none was in sight for the Lord was giving them one more chance to repent.

Now we have Babylon ( the great Prostitute). It is desecrated and it will lay in ruins once again but still God calls out for these yet to repent to vacate that city and many still refuse.

All the armies and nations of this world in alliance with Satan gathered at Armageddon to do battle with the Lords armies. On this point I would imagine we are going to have a war so immense and technically advanced that we may not even be able to comprehend. There will be super natural powers and battle gear that hasn't even been thought of yet on both sides. I would imagine it will be pretty gory for Satan's alliance of nations.

Then comes Judgement for all as the Lord resides over the world to bring forth a new heaven and earth. There will be joyous singing and praises from all the angels of the Lord. A new Jerusalem comes down from God for all to dwell. There will be no need for light as Gods presence gives out the light that is needed. There will be no temple for God is the temple and the throne. Crystal clear rivers of water will flow from the throne for it will be the water of life. There will be trees of life that will bear the twelve crops of fruit to feed the masses and the leaves will be used as medicine to heal the nations.

All that have accepted Jesus as their saviour and God as their Father will dwell in the new world in peace for ever. There will be no sickness or illnesses. We will all have new transformed bodies in perfection as is in Jesus. We will sing praises to the Lord and give him our thanks and praise for all that he has done for us. Blessed are these days for we will soon be in the presence of the Lord.

Will you be ready?


David said...

Amazing stuff Larry. A 200 million man army -- only one place that I can think of -- China. And they are arming and gathering cash thanks to the US.

It looks bleak, but even God will use the evil and have him play right into the kingdom purposes of the Almighty God.

photogr said...


It seems to be that way. Don't know what to think on the vast army doing enough damage to create what is predicted. It is said this army will destroy 1/3rd of the population through out the world. So it must mean the entire earth.

It does not clearly describe what army will do this. China? Most likely but we do not know yet.

There is a passage I did read somewhere that in the beginning of tribulations a mighty force will attack Israel but through the grace of God they were defeated and repeled.