Sunday, August 16, 2009


If the rapture was to happen tomorrow would you be ready? I would imagine it would catch many by surprise. As Jesus told the apostles that followed Him" I will come like a thief in the night to gather up my church. Be ready. I nor the angels in heaven know of the time that I will return but only My Father."

In Revelations, John in his visions gave descriptions that were difficult for him to describe and left us in confusion as to what they meant. Many I would imagine can best be described as Metaphors as best as he could describe considering this was two thousand years ago. His descriptions of Jesus is a bit clearer albet the two edged sword coming out of His mouth. Revelations 1:10to20. As we have all read in scriptures a preview of Jesus new being and who He is was revealed in Matthew 17: 1-8 .

As some scholars reveal, Jesus first return to earth will be the beginning of the tribulations called the Rapture. As Jesus returns, He will take His church up into the heavens so it will not suffer the tribulations to follow. His church being the believers in Jesus. On that fateful day, two will be in the fields and one will disappear. In today's terminology one might consider a subway train traveling along and people begin to disappear mysteriously. The same goes for a busy street corner. Some will disappear and some will remain.The people disappearing will be a part of the church or body of Christ and are believers. The rest that remain will have to face the coming tribulations as they failed to believe in what was prophesied in the scriptures.As they ascend to heaven they will be transformed with new bodies that we can only imagine will have no faults or pains. The bodies will be of a super natural being glorified in Gods image.

However, God is a merciful God and is offering the yet non believers another chance to come into His grace and be saved. In this time there will be appointed 144,000 that will receive a seal of God on their for heads. They will be pure and sinless. They will be members of the twelve tribes of Israel. They will be appointed to preach the scriptures to convince the remaining non believers to repent of their sins and turn to God. I would consider they will have all the latest communications devices at their disposal

Around this time the anti Christ will appear in full force deceiving the masses with his trickery and lies just as it had been prophesied in the scriptures. The anti Christ will have power over the world and rebuild Babylon as a world trade center of great wealth. Another instance of Gods grace is when the two witnesses descend from heaven to preach day and night for 1203 score days. It is said they are Moses and Elijah and have the power to strike down all that try to harm them as well as have power over the weather, the heavens, and the rains. What they preach will be heard through out the world by all beings. Here again probably through communications like what we have today. Here again is the patience that God has for us that do not believe yet to repent of their sins for he loves us all, sinners and believers both. Sadly many will not heed his warnings and will face more severe tribulations and warnings to repent.

So here we have a God that is trying through his love to save more of us from damnation and at the same time we have the anti Christ working his magic trying to convince us to worship him through deceit and lies. It has been said the anti Christ also uses miracles and healing powers to sway the undecided to his favor but it is only a fasad for his real purpose.

More to come in part two.


Tony C said...

Good reading. Looking forward to the second part.

photogr said...

Thanks Tony. I got to do some more studying and then condense it to fit here.

Tsfanpc said...

photogr, reading your blog here was like listening to my dad talk about Revelations. But one little thing I want to throw at you, concerning the two witnesses.

There was another man in the Bible who did not die, like Elijah. But was taken as well. His name was Enoch. Genesis 5:24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

There are those who think he will be the other witness, not Moses. Not wanting to debate it, just throwing that out to you.

The reason I throw this at you, is because Moses died. And neither Enoch nor Elijah died. In Revelation 11:7 it tells how they will be killed by the beast (Anti-Christ). This would allow them to take on their holy bodies, instead of their earthly bodies. Unlike Moses who already has his holy body. Just something for you to think about.

Forensic2 blog said...

Great read Photogr and nice work by Tsfanpc as well. Look forward to part 2. Hey I am going to send you a e-mail about something else.


photogr said...


It very ell may have been Elijah and Enoch instead of Moses. We don't really know for sure either way except for what the scriptures tells us. I will touch on that in part two

photogr said...


I got it and hope that clears up some things for you. NOw you have to understand that I gave my interpretations of that particular part of the bible as it was written.

It is sort of like Revelations. Depending on which scholar you listen to you will have several different interpretations. However you will have to add in Danie, Isaiah, and other prophets to get the full picture.

photogr said...

I meant to say Daniel.

Tsfanpc said...

like you said photogr we don't know. It very well could be some others. But one thing is for certain, the study of Revelations is fantastic.

photogr said...


Yes it is fantastic but to get the whole picture you also have to study Daniel and other prophesies of future times.

Revelations paints a pretty bleak picture for the un believers but God even in these tribulations still calls out to repent and be saved through his grace and love.