Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This will be the last of my articles on the Greatest gifts. This one is called tongues and the reason is this gift is plural in the literal and spiritual sense. Still today many churches fail to understand the implications of speaking in tongues and seem to shy away from this important gift as it may seem to them to be too pentecostal or holiness denomination in its roots. Some church organizations imply it is demons speaking rather than the Holy Spirit. Well there is a good way to check that out as I have mentioned in past articles on the Gifts.

Paul in Corinthians did allude to speaking of tongues and put down a guide line of how to use speaking tongues in the church. I can feel if Paul mentioned this in his letters, then it certainly is right to use this in worshiping God. However, he did also lay out the guidelines quite clearly on how to use this gift and warned of falsely professing or falsely using tongues to edify yourself rather than the church.

There is actually three types of tongues. One is when people are receiving the Holy Spirit and do speak in tongues as evidence of ones Baptism by the Holy Spirit. This may be a one time shot only in most cases. Does one speak in exotic , Hebrew, or Greek languages. Maybe or maybe not. Depends on having an interpreter at the time present. This type is when one is Baptised by the Holy spirit.

The second one is not up for interpretation. It usually happens in prayer meetings where the members are praying in the Holy Spirit. You should not seek interpretation as scriptures declares it so in 1 Cor.:14-2. This may also be led by the Holy Spirit but it is for the one speaking and God only. In some faiths the is a routine occurrence as part of the prayer. Most of the time is is not spiritually led nor is it a gift but that of adoration to God. For lack of knowledge of the ancient gifts one speaking may only be speaking in babel with no discernible language. Here is where you can get into some trouble speaking if you do not know what you are saying. I would think it might be prudent to speak in tongues in the English language to some degree and let the Holy Spirit lead you. Saying praises to God and exalting His grace might be a better position.

The third type of tongues is definitely open for interpretation and will be spoken as such. They have syllables and a discernible language as given by the Holy Spirit. It is decisive, instructive, divine, and beautiful to hear. This is when God is directly speaking to us in words not of our native language. This is to bring glory to the church and must have interpretation by one versed in the languages. The one doing the speaking is divinely guided with out pause in a quick short burst. Nothing lengthy, other wise it becomes filled with the persons thoughts rather than God's thoughts.

How can you tell the speaking is directly from God? Ones that speak a little tongue then some more or begin to repeat their selves is not speaking divinely. The same goes for interpretation. The interpreter stutters and stammers giving a word every now and then. God or the Holy Spirit is not lacking for words so it will be powerful and to the point. They don't need to look for words to speak. Any thing else is folly, demonistic, and false tongues spoken by one not edifying the church or God. So be careful in what you are saying or think you are saying in tongues. Never try to make your self to look saintly and profess what you don't really have. Make sure it is from the Holy Spirit or God by asking what you hear of feel by saying "Did Jesus come in the flesh" If it is demonistic you will not get a yes. If you hear a voice saying "If you will do this or that you can have holy powers etc. etc. or I want you to go here or there and you will get your mission to serve me. If you do that or this I will make you wealthy. DON"T BELIEVE IT. You are not being led by God but by demonic forces. Remember what John warned of in the coming times. 1 John 4:1-3

In possessing the gifts all is lost if it is not done in pure love of God , Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as well as your fellow persons. With out that love, all is in vain in service to the Lord. I pray it was my mission to introduce you to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through God's grace so that you can experieince and desire these gifts in service to the Lord.


Forensic2 blog said...

You have a gift in your words on the pages you type. Keep up the great work and all ways the faith.

God bless

photogr said...

Thanks Forensic.Got to tell you. I have been having this urge to buy a tent ( a large tent)and organize some good old time revivals like in the old days. Don't know if it is the urging of the Lord yet but i am trying to work it out.

eaglegirl said...

I received the gift of tongues after I had been a Christian for quite a number of years.
It was at home, by myself and not at a church where it was pushed to happen.
We all receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ as our Savior, He fills us, seals us and so much more.
Whether or not when I received the gift of tongues is called the 'baptism' or not I will not debate.
I consider it my personal prayer language as many others such as I do. I have never felt it was for interpretation, but for me praying to the Lord.
I think most people who pray in tongues when they are baptized in the Spirit are receiving a personal prayer language. Some only get one or two words.
The more I prayed the more words seemed to come to me. I don't know what they mean, but the Holy Spirit seems to be praying through me. Most of the time it seems to be words of praise and adoration.
I don't use it as often as I probably should. Recently, when praying for my son who sprained his ankle I prayed in tongues and English while I held his ankle.
I felt compelled of the Lord to mostly use tongues.
My son had planned to go to the hospital for an xray. My husband also had his hand on Tim and prayed silently.
Tim then decided to get up and see how he felt, and he walked without the cane with no pain !
His ankle hurts just a little and it has been a week since. It seems the Lord used my praying in tongues.
I am shy about praying out loud in tongues and would only use it by others who believe in it. As not to scare those off who have not heard it.
There were a couple words that kept coming to me. They sounded Hawaiin of all things ! I looked them up and they were something in Polynesian !
As scripture says not all speak in tongues. So, if a believer does not it does not make him less than one who does. They probably have other gifts of the Spirit.

photogr said...


What a wonderful experience. You may well also have interpretation of tongues too.

I have never prayed or spoken in another language but I would imagine the Lord knows it might scare the dickens out of me so he allows me to speak in my own language.

In some prayers I have done, My words seem to start flowing with out me even thinking them, I feel a rush all over and I feel surrounded with love and compassion as well as joy. Perhaps that was tongues. I think others also do tongues more so in private.

My first experience with tongues was in a Nazarene church years ago in a prayer group where all in the group were praying in tongues but me. Yes it was a bit spooky to one uneducated in tongues back then.

Thinking aout it today,it may have been the Holy Spirit introducing me to a higher level of worship to the Lord. However, in my lack of knowledge; I failed to understand what was happening and let fear prevail rather than understanding.

David said...

Well partner, you seem to have come up to speed pretty quickly!

Thanks for breaking it down. I love the story of Peter and Cornelius (Acts 10). I have seen this so many times over the years. When people are open to God, and not worried about religion, this seems to happen regardless of the denomination. I have seen people receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and prophesy and speak in tongues -- always a blast in a dispensational church full of scoffers!

It is important to build up one's spirit by allowing God to pray at these groanings give themselves syllables.

I must admit, I have been are far too few services where tongues are interpreted -- but when I ave, it is a glorious and encouraging thing.

photogr said...


Some day in my future travels I may also experience more of these gifts. However, it is up to the churches to allow these events to happen rather than have such a structured schedule in their services which does not allow the Holy Spirit to work freely.

All the more reason I yearn for a revival service where I experienced these gifts more openly.

Back then I wasn't aware. Now I know. And that is my new quest with the Lord permitting.

Tsfanpc said...

photogr the gift of Speaking in tongues is a very beautiful gift from God. And when it is truly from God, the words are beautiful.

When the words are truly from God, you can feel a hush cover over a church and a reverance that can only be from God.

But when it is not from God, and from the demonic or from man trying to show himself off, it is confusing and there is no reverance too it.

Great breakdown of the tongues gift.

photogr said...

Thanks Tsfan. I yearn for the day I can experience that once again.

One can gather up much knowledge from books but to experience it first hand is more rewarding than any book or books one can ever read.

Anonymous said...

I'm late in replying. After my husband and I separated, I attended the church I am now a member of. The love in that church was unbelievable. The sermon that day was on the trading the spirit of heaviness for the sacrifice of praise. I went to the altar, was about to say "Praise you, Jesus" when all of a sudden I was speaking in tongues. It wasn't the tongues that was so amazing, it was how much I laughed! The lady praying with me, told me that I was getting my joy back! I still slip into depression and have to let God lead me out again, but ever since then, when life throws its hard balls, the Holy Spirit shows up and I can pray in a heavenly language and it's like knowing God is in control! But I'm experiencing one of the heaviest depressions right now with Tommy being sick and my ex-husband causing major, major financial difficulties in my life! Pray for me.

photogr said...


I will pray nightly for you. It is great that you were baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. That was certainly a gift from the Lord.

Peace be with you.


photogr said...

Bev: I wanted to add more to your comment but was short for time.

I know your depression is painfull but as it is written " trust in the Lord with your worries and he will take on the burden". I will pray for Tommy too. As far as your ex, call the police or sue him.

I am so happy you have experienced the tongues in edifying the Lord. You are on the right track. Keep it up.

In your darkest hour He will not let you down if you trully believe. Keep the faith. Things will work out for you. Let me know if I can help.