Monday, May 10, 2010



An old friend (Jamie) from across the pond had always said I should build a church next to the sea for others to worship the Lord. Considering the cost of real estate on beach front property, this is the closest I could come up with for now. Perhaps some day it will be a reality.

I have always been one to sit on the beach and listen to the incoming waves splashing against the beach sands in a constant soothing rhythm allowing me to get lost and relax. The one thing I found is the ability to marvel at the glory of the Lord as I sit, meditate, and give thanks for what I do have. It is at the beach when I feel closer to Jesus. Just me and Him. As I look back along my walks on the beach, I keep looking to see if there is another set of foot prints in the sand. Some day I might be able to see them.

With this in mind, I have decided to change directions with my blogs and rename the blog "A CROSS BY THE SEA". I want to open this blog with an invitation for all that are lost and hurting and can't find a place to call their home church. Perhaps you are shut in and can't go to church or are suffering from an illness that prevents you from attending on a regular basis. Perhaps you are in a toxic church ( been there/ done that) and feel left out of the click groups. Perhaps you are looking for fellowship with others and want to share your sadness, joys, and faith in the Lord.

I welcome all to make suggestions and give me ideas of what you want from this adventure. For me this is a new venture and I am excited as I can be as I feel the Lord is leading me to do this for His glory and reach out to others wanting to share their faith in Jesus. As we all know, a gathering of 2 or more to worship Him is a body of Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father. I pray to you to lead me in your name's sake to begin on this new journey and exalt your name . Help guide me to make the right decisions in service to You so that others will have a place to worship Your loving grace. I pray that you give me the strength and courage to minister to others in service to You. I pray that you can guide me to seek out pastors, leaders, prophets, evangelist, and disciples that can help this ministry grow in service to others. I pray that some day we will be able to go national and plant seeds glorifying Your name. In Jesus name , Amen.


eaglegirl said...

I also love the ocean. But here in Cincinnati we are landlocked.
I am from New Jersey and used to love to go to the 'Jersey Shore'. I miss that. Just knowing it is a couple hours away is nice to know.
And the sounds, smells, and sights of the beach are so peaceful.
I do have an idea for your new blog, but will write you personally on it soon.

photogr said...


I am open for suggestions.

I started getting the idea when we were down in Florida the end of April and it just seemed to grow from there.

Although excited about this, I am a bit nervous concerning the logistics and how I can do what will be expected. Guess I better let the Lord guide me the way He wants it to operate.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Now this sounds COOL! I am totally excited to see where God takes you with this.

I find such peace when I sit on a shore, watching the waves roll in. Such a representation of God's AGAPE love and wisdom.

photogr said...

Michelle: Thanks. I just hope I know what I am getting into. The main thing is to let the Lord lead me like I do with other issues in my life. If I do that this venture should take off on it's on.