Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I find these songs to be spiritual in nature sung by voices of angels. Celtic Women.

What I want to do with this new venture is rely on spiritual music as well as a word from scripture and will include what I feel may move you in worship. I have always had a soft spot for music most of my life and have played an instrument off and on over the years ( mostly by ear and rather badly at that). I can't read notes at all so I have to transpose the notes to letters. I recently took on the challenge of learning to play the violin thinking it might be easier than drums or piano. Boy was I wrong. It has been an up hill battle. To make it even harder a challenge, the cancer surgery in my left arm has made the arm muscles a bit stiff and painful when holding the violin. Perhaps I should switch to something a bit bigger.

I should be adding more later but this should suffice for now. Got to hit the books to come up with a topic for the week end. Hope you enjoyed the music.


Tracy said...


Just a thought - violas are definitely larger than violins and the viola parts of music are always lots easier. But violas don't really do the melody much.

photogr said...

Tracy: I have thought of that and might make the switch if I can't get the left arm to work right. The notes are about the same location though I think. Just the octave is lower. Thanks for the suggestion.