Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A fitting picture for this time of the year.

When I go to church I like to sit up in the first couple rows so I can hear the message clearly because of some hearing loss. When I get there, they are either saved or reserved for people in groups with perfectly good hearing. You ask for a place that has provisions for the hearing impaired and you are directed to the balcony in the back of the church where there are no provisions. Why is that?

I often read that one should be spiritually mature in their faith. But yet God calls us his children.

I suspect spiritual maturity means one that loves what God loves and hates what He hates, Has a relationship with God, and hears His voice. No need for one to have a doctorate in religious theology or has memorized the bible.

I once met a person that professed to be a good Christian. He was judgemental, acted like every one else was a sinner and going to hell, very unfriendly, loved no one, and drank like a fish.

I also met a person as a door greeter in one church. He was charming, easily accessible and remembered your name even after the service. Even went so far as to introduce people to others in the church when he found out they were new to the church.

In a broken, fallen world, we only have two choices: mature friendship with God , or radical disillusionment. Friendship with God frees us from being limited by what we don't have, by what we are suffering, or by what we are enduring. I would have to think this friendship is worth more than any thing this fallen world can offer despite how richly it appears at first glance.

People with messy spirituality. I would have to think that describes most of us if we would be honest with our selves. It is a place where desperation meets Jesus. It is the delirious consequence of a life ruined by Jesus who will love us right into His arms despite our sins, failings, and messy lifestyle if we only would accept Him into our lives.

I would have to believe in the beginning that God knew that our short comings would condemn us as sinners. Thus he brought forth Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins past, present, and the future. But as Jesus healed the blind man, He told him to sin no more or something worse would happen. I would have to think if we are saved, we can't still go around sinning in the old life style thinking we are automatically saved.

I was once a skeptic of the spiritual gifts and was taught the gifts were only active during the time of the Apostles. They do not exist any more. But I read in Paul's writing that they are active until the return of Jesus. So who do we believe? Scriptures or the religions that deny their existence any more. I have had experiences to the contrary. I believe they do still exist in these times. Although I do not possess any gifts, I am amazed of ones that do have spiritual gifts that edify God.

A few thoughts that have passed my mind. More to come later.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Love your random thoughts Larry. Hard pressed to decide which one I like the best. They are all rich with some good thoughts. Thanks for finally posting. :)

photogr said...

Glad to see you drop by Bill. Some times I get a rush of thoughts but not enough to write an article about them. Thus I just post a list of random thoughts that seem to come to mind every so often.